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Reviews about Shopify Login as Customer App

  1. Can't say enough
    Can't say enough good things about this app and it what it has enabled us to do immediately upon installation. It's all cheers from our Customer Service department which can now effectively assist customers with login issues, cart issues, discount testing, etc. Excellent!!

    Review by MDaemon Technologies, Ltd.

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  2. Extremely satisfied
    I wonder how this app is not already a standard for Shopify stores. Assisting customers is now faster and easier than ever. I’m extremely satisfied with this app. Thanks.

    Review by queendiva official

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  3. Great support
    Minimal time and effort for a great payoff. It was quick and easy to get started, and helped us improve our support tremendously! The support team for this app is excellent as well and I would definitely recommend it.

    Review by The Glamping Guys

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  4. The app works great
    The app works great and the development team is very responsive and continuously improving the app. It’s been a great help when customers have issues purchasing. Thank you Magefan!

    Review by Torpedopot WS

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  5. We use this module as a standard
    As a big B2B player we use this module as a standard in our B2B webshops! It's great to help the sales team to place orders for customers or see exactly what issues they are dealing with and resolve them quickly. Thank you Magefan!

    Review by infinite mealprep

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  6. Works great
    Works great on my new website. Just added it a few weeks ago and already helped customers to make sure they are purchasing the correct items. This app really helps me give my customers extra customer service.

    Review by Melon Studio

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