How to Order on Behalf of a Customer on Shopify?

Providing the best customer shopping experience goes a long way. It gets you awesome reviews, returning customers and the best word-of-mouth marketing. And since order placement is the most important stage in the customer's journey, it's also a stage you need to provide the best experience at. One way to do that is by placing orders on behalf of your customers.

Can you even do that in Shopify?

You definitely can! So, today you'll learn how to order on behalf of a customer in Shopify.

Create Draft Orders in Shopify

By default, Shopify allows you to create draft orders in the admin panel. You add customer details, add products to the order, apply discounts, and then send an invoice to a customer. The invoice contains a link to checkout where customers can complete the order. 

Additionally, you can also set payment terms to specify the date when the payment is due. 

draft order shopify

Relatively simple right? 

The downside is that you don't know whether a customer will eventually complete the order. Besides, some difficulties might still appear at the checkout forcing customers to leave or request your assistance.  

Thus, you need a solution to make a purchase instantly on behalf of customers from the frontend. 

Order as a Customer on Frontend 

If you want to place orders as a customer in Shopify, you need to log in to the customer's account. You can do that using the Login as Customer App

To place orders on behalf of a customer in Shopify:

1. Find the Login as Customer app in your Shopify admin panel.

2. Find a customer you'd like to place the order for.

Shopify Cstomer List

3. Confirm that you want to log into the customer's account.

Log in as Customer in Shopify

Note: you can log in to the customer's account without resetting a password, or asking a customer to grant you assistance if you use Shopify Plus. Otherwise, you need to ask a customer to allow your assistance or simply reset the customer's password.

4. Land in the customer's account and start placing an order on the customer's behalf.

Shopify Customer Account

The process is super easy with the Login as Customer app. But that's not the only case when it comes in handy.

If your customers ever come across any issues in their accounts or your frontend, you'll also be able to assist them quickly. Moreover, if comes with a set of APIs that allow you to log in to customers' accounts from any CRM or helpdesk.