How to Migrate Magento 2 Blog to Shopify?

Magento and Shopify are two quite different eCommerce platforms that often are talked about the most. If you want to move from Magento to Shopify, you need to migrate a lot of data, including blog. And that's the time when one starts searching for an easy and effortless way to do so.

Luckily, we're here to provide it. In this guide, you'll learn how you can migrate Magento 2 Blog to Shopify Blog in a few clicks, literally. 

We've created a tool for the most popular Magento Blog extensions. So the same migration steps work if you use Magefan Blog, Mirasvit Blog or Mageplaza Blog for Magento. 

To migrate Magento Blog to Shopify: 

1. Install the Magento Blog Export to Shopify Blog extension and get the Shopify Blog App from Magefan. 

2. Go to App > Magefan Blog > Configuration in your Shopify and find the Key section at the bottom of the configuration page. Copy the export key for later.

shopify blog export key

3. Move to Magento admin, navigate to Content > Blog > Shopify Blog Export and choose which Magento 2 Blog you want to migrate to Shopify. 

migrate magento blog to shopify

4. Specify the Shopify Export Key and click on the Start Export button.

import magento blog to shopify

Once the export is complete you should see the following notification in the Magento admin panel

export blog posts to shopify

Then, you can also check the Shopify backend (App > Magefan Blog > Posts) to find all of the imported posts.

Shopify Blog Posts

After you migrate your Magento blog posts to Shopify, you need to cover the blog homepage, post list and category settings. That's why you need to keep the Shopify Blog User Guide at hand.