How to Ask Customers to Allow Assistance in Shopify?

Login as Customer App is an excellent tool if you want to log in to customer accounts in Shopify without any credentials. However, if you don't have the Multipass feature in your Shopify Plan or use the pricing plan of the Login as Customer App that doesn't provide compatibility with this feature, you need to ask customers to grant you access to their account first (Allow Assistance).

Ask customer for assistance Shopify

So, in this guide, you'll learn how to ask customers for allowing assistance and find an example of the message you can share with them.

To ask customers to allow assistance in Shopify:

1. Ask customers to log in to their account and find the Allow Assistance option under the Account Details.

Allow assistance Shopify

2. To confirm that they allow you to access their accounts, customers have to enter their passwords in the Allow Assistance popup.

Allow assistance features in Shopify Login as Customer

Once customers confirm they allow your assistance, you will see a success message and will be able to log in to their accounts with no creds required. 

Assistane granted in Login as Custoemr App Shopify

Note: this access will be granted for 30 days. After this time expires, customers will have to allow assistance again.

To ask customers to allow assistance you might send them short instructions on how to do that. 

Here's an example you can use: 


Could you please grant access so we can log in to your account to help?

To allow assistance to our store managers:

  1. Log in and visit your account page. 
  2. Press the Allow Assistance button under the Account Details account (screenshot). 
  3. Enter your account password to confirm you allow us to assist (screenshot). 
  4. Once you enter your password you'll see a notification about a successful operation (screenshot). 
  5. Then let our managers know that the access is granted so we'll be able to assist you.

If requesting assistance is not an option for you, or customers can't do that for some reason, there is one more option. 

Reset customer's password and log in Shopify

You can reset customers' passwords and then log in. 

Reset customer password to log in to customer account in Shopify

However, in this case, customers will have to restore their passwords with the "Reset password" link when they want to log in.

The regular Shopify login doesn't provide such functionality out of the box. Thus, the Login as Customer app offers new possibilities for you.