Magento 2: Add Related Products in Product Tabs

Adding related products in Magento enables you to maximize your sales and drive customers' attention to popular items. However, considering Magento by default adds related products after the product description people might not even get to those products. 

That's why you have to optimize related products block and display it just where they could be easily discovered — in product tabs. Magento tabs are a great way to structure product information and help customers navigate through it easily. 

In this article, you'll learn how to add Magento related products in product tabs without diving deep into the code. All you need is Magento 2 Auto Related Products Extension.

To add related products in product tabs: 

1. Configure General Rule Information.

  • Go to Marketing > Automatic Related Products > Rules and press the Add New Rule button.
  • Enable Rule, give it a Name and Description, and set Priority.

New Related Products Rule Magento

  • Define what Customer Group the related products in product tabs will be visible to. 
  • Choose Store View where the block should be displayed. 
  • Choose Date From and Date To which defines a period during which related products will be displayed. 

Related Product Rules per Customer Group

2. Set Conditions and Block Position

In this section, you can choose where and under what conditions to display the related products block. Since we want to add it to the Magento product tabs, we choose Into Native Tab Block under Product page positions. 

As for the conditions, you can choose any product attribute to define on what product pages this block will be displayed (although Auto Related Products Extension allows you to add related products to the category and shopping cart too).

Add Related Products in Product Tabs Magento

3. Define what Products to Display in product tabs. 

Here you can also use multiple products attributes to set up the conditions. 

Add Related Products ibn Magento 2

e.g. only products that are on sale, or products in the green color could be added to the product tabs block, etc. 

Besides, there is an option to display related products based on some common attribute between a current product and those displayed in product tabs. You can Apply Same As Condition.

Related Products Rules Conditions

4. Enable different Display Modes for the products displayed in the related products tab in Magento. 

You can display only products with higher or lower prices or products from the same category. There is also an option to display Who Bought This Also Bought

Related Products Display in Magento

5. Fill out Display Settings

Here you set how products in related product blocks will be arranged. Set the Block Title that will be displayed in the product tabs and choose how to Sort these products within the block.

You can also choose whether to

magneto auto related products display

Once you save the rule, go to the products and categories that apply to your rules and check how the related products are displayed in product tabs.

Related Products in Product Tabs Magento

Product tabs help customers to switch between product details faster. And since you've added related products in this section, your customers won't miss any items you've prepared for them.

Free Magento 2 Auto Related Products extension has enough functionality to satisfy your basic need. However, if you need to go extra, go for Auto Related Products Plus edition.