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Reviews about Magento 2 Automatic Related Products

  1. Great
    Great extension thanks for your efforts

    Review by M S

    Posted on

  2. A very versatile module, lots of marketing methods possible
    By using the rules engine to automatically relate products we're able to show product collections such as:
    - More from this brand / series / manufacturer / etc...
    - Who bought this also bought these (restricted by same category)
    - Sold out? Consider these alternatives
    And all this without ongoing management, just set the rules and the products maintain themselves!

    Review by Andrew Cattarin

    Posted on

  3. Good
    Working perfect!

    Review by Peeter Trutsi

    Posted on

  4. Magento 2 Auto Related Products is a powerful and user-friendly extension that effectively boosts sales by promoting relevant products to customers
    If you're looking to increase your Magento store's sales and conversions by suggesting relevant products to your customers, Magento 2 Auto Related Products is a valuable investment.

    Review by Trever Draper

    Posted on

  5. Perfect extension
    Great extension! Perfect support! The extension is easy and hassle-free to install. Everything works "out of the box".
    Thank you very much =)

    Review by Pavlo Mykush

    Posted on

  6. I’m very happy
    I’m very happy. It save me from a lot of work.
    My Magento shop is only a part time project.
    My volume is low, but I only have good experiences it.

    Review by Roy G.

    Posted on

  7. Very Usefull
    If you need to prevent customers from exiting and increase the average purchase amount, consider using this simple extension. The installation and setup is easy. I had to make minor css adjustments, then the related products integrated flawlessly into my theme.

    Review by Gianni Livanis

    Posted on

  8. Great if you need related product at sub-category level
    I purchased this extension from Magefan. Very user friendly. Plus, the only one I found working at subcategory level.

    Review by Julien Duvivier

    Posted on

  9. Great extension, it does not delay the loading of the web page at all !!!
    Great extension, it does not delay the loading of the web page at all !!!

    Review by Panos Mavropoulos

    Posted on

  10. Awesome module works perfectly
    Easy to use

    Review by deepika v

    Posted on

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