Top 12+ Magento Websites: Best Examples

Being a highly customizable eCommerce platform, Magento can help you create a wonder of a website. There are a lot of aspects to it, you can benefit from. These include integration possibilities, SEO friendliness, multi-store compatibility and an extensive set of built-in features. That's what Magento is after all.

With all these options at your disposal, you might still have some doubts as to how exactly to build your own website in Magento. And we can see where this is coming from. That's why we prepared a list of the best Magento websites for you to check and draw inspiration from.

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1. Land Rover

Land Rover

You certainly know what the Land Rover brand is about. It's quite a big name in the car industry with customers from all around the world. They provide quality services and products earning a high revenue.

Yet, in the modern digitalized world every company needs to preserve their online presence. Thus, Land Rover also runs an online store on Magento. Website visitors can read about all the updates on the car models, and find more pre-sale info they might be interested in. 

Thanks to the Magento functionality, Land Rover has a chance to showcase various products more effectively. Besides, the intuitive interface makes browsing through the website a pleasant journey. 

2. Nike


One of the leaders in the apparel industry, Nike has always been an example of style and quality. It has lots of fans around the globe. Thus creating a powerful platform for the Nike community was a priority task for the brand.

The choice fell on Magento and its high adaptability. It was important for Nike to find a solution to extend their services on social media, namely Facebook, to give customers a chance to proceed with their purchases without exiting the socials.

Magento helped greatly in achieving this goal. It also enabled the integration of VR, AR and other technologies. Thanks to that Nike can implement the online try-on and apparel customization options they are truly iconic for. 

3. Tommy Hilfiger 

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is another outstanding brand and an example of a Magento website. Except for the retail stores, Tommy Hilfiger is available online. This way they can adjust to the market needs and engage with more customers around the globe. All this is possible thanks to Magento.

Magento gave Tommy Hilfiger a chance to improve their general performance. Since checkout and shopping cart are of top importance for any online store, this company keeps a close eye on them.

Thus, customers have a chance to finalize their purchases in a more convenient way now. Along with that, Tommy Hilfiger made good use of Magento's promotions and gift card options.  

4. Ford 


Perhaps there are very few people who haven't heard about Ford. This car manufacturer has been trending for years around the globe. Except for retail, Ford also operates an online store for selling various accessories and car parts. Their online presence is powered by Magento.

The platform came in handy in implementing the B2B2C business strategy. Another important aspect the online store has improved is responsiveness. Besides, the built-in features of Magento were used to improve Ford's SEO efforts.

Integrating the website with Magento helped increase conversions by 75% and revenue by 199%. Needless to say, the number of orders grew significantly as well.

5. Monin


Monin has its roots deep in history. Founded in 1912, this French company has undergone lots of development stages to reach its current state and form. Now it's undoubtedly one of the best-known syrop manufacturers in the world. You will be impressed by the variety of flavours this brand features.

When Monin saw perspectives of the world trade, they needed to find a platform to supply them with the necessary sources. And it happened to be Magento. This choice helped the company increase sales by 400% and improve customer satisfaction. 

Just a quick look shows how thoroughly Monin uses the Magento options both for multi-store management and advanced catalogue operation.

6. Sigma Beauty 

Sigma Beauty

Sigma holds a special place in the beauty industry. Their products are sold in 70+ countries. The website is well-structured and extremely user-friendly, with multiple currency options and a convenient shopping cart. All in all Sigma's store is a perfect example of just how customizable Magento is. 

Initially, Sigma Beauty adhered to the D2C business model. However, after some strategic changes, the brand created the first B2B and B2C website on Magento Commerce Cloud 2.2. It was a game-changing solution that allowed Sigma Beauty to reach out to more customers with personalized offers and launch fruitful campaigns.

7. Vionic 


When talking about the shoewear industry, we cannot but mention Vionic. This company doesn't only come up with stylish and innovative solutions. It contributes greatly to arch-supporting techniques to eliminate any foot-related discomfort. Thus Vionic's shoes work for any occasion.

Vionic has an important goal and it's only logical to share their products with a greater audience. Thus, the brand's website is built on Magento and provides a clean and intuitive design.

Here you can give a try to a vast set of options the platform comes with. Moreover, added customizations make the website even more pleasant to browse through. Clear navigation helps you find the right item quicker and advanced product reviews increase customer's trust. 

8. Cox & Cox

Cox & Cox

A list of the best Magento websites would not be complete without Cox & Cox. This English brand sells a multitude of homeware items. From furniture and accessories to mirrors and lamps — you'll find everything you need to create a cosy home. 

Cox & Cox has a long history with Magento. Everything started with Magento 1, but eventually there was a need to implement some changes for a better performance. The company wanted to increase revenue, diversify functionality, and improve SEO and checkout options.

So it was a perfect moment to migrate to Magento 2. Thanks to this upgrade, Cox & Cox created a mobile responsive design to make the customer experience even more enhanced. 

9. Byredo


Byredo's website is quite luring. This brand is known for its luxurious fragrances and skin cosmetics. Byredo covers multiple markets, so there are a few storefronts available with the corresponding prices and offers. When the business started to expand it was necessary to find a scalable tool to assist in this development.

Magento became an eCommerce platform of choice for Byredo when they decided on expansion. It is believed to be the first UK business to launch an online store on Magento. And if numbers are to be trusted, that was the right decision. The company's transactions had risen by 30% and the average order value — by 160%.

Byredo skillfully uses the built-in Magento features. Yet, the right amount of customization creates a fascinating storefront. No wonder Byredo made it to our top Magento websites list.

10. Barbour


Barbour is all about family traditions. The company was founded in 1894 and is now owned by the fifth generation of the family. That's impressive, to say nothing of the fact that Barbour sells in more than 40 countries. Now that you get the scale, it's clear that the platform for Barbour's online presence had to be as powerful as its message.

Thus the choice fell to Magento and the possibilities it could offer. Multiple out-of-the-box features help showcase the store items in the best light. Customers can easily go from one category to another and get more info about the product from the neatly organized product tabs. The interface is intuitive too, so you will enjoy your shopping experience.

11. Catbird 


When it comes to exquisite jewellery, New Yorkers are likely to think of the Catbird. It's a well-trusted brand with bold solutions and a personalized approach. You can find any piece of jewel your soul craves here. What is more, it is custom-made for you, depending on what material or size you need.

The Catbird's journey in eCommerce started during the Magento 1 times. Yet the approach to shopping changed as customers started to use mobile devices more frequently. So, it was necessary to make the website more responsive. That's exactly what Magento 2 managed to offer. As a result of migration, mobile transactions and conversions increased by 45% and 51.2% respectively. 

That, along with convenient navigation and the option of same-day delivery made the website as user-friendly as it could get.

12. Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen is a leader in the area of sports clothing and equipment. This brand came a long way from humble beginnings to the world-renowned name on the market, through its 140 years of history. Their store is built on Magento and uses its features to the fullest.

One of the first things that catches your eye is the number of storefronts and available languages. Thus the shopping experience is really convenient.

The advanced search and filtering options stand out too. Thanks to them and clear categorization you can quickly find what you're looking for. The simplified shopping cart and intuitive interface make finalizing the purchase super easy.

Helly Hansen doesn't miss the opportunity to use the blog in Magento to share useful insights and drive more organic traffic. All these efforts make Helly Hansen one of the best Magento websites.

13. Rubik's


Let's be honest now. Have you ever managed to solve the Rubik's cube? Though quite effortless at first glance, in reality, it's more complicated. Perhaps this desire to find a correct solution brought so many people together and made Rubik's a subject of international interest. It was only logical for the company to expand globally.

Magento supports Rubik in its eCommerce journey. The platform suggests enough scalability and flexibility to create a store that customers can use easily.

Thanks to all this functionality, Rubik manages a few storefronts and runs more personalized promotions. Since the migration to Magento, the store's conversions doubled and cart abandonment decreased by 30%.  

14. Lafayette 148

Lafayette 148

Lafayette 148 is a rather peculiar case too. It is a clothing brand with stylish items for any taste. At the same time, it is a great example of how businesses had to adapt to the new COVID-19 reality. Lafayette 148 was more concentrated on wholesale before 2020. Yet the rapid digitalization caused by the pandemic called for immediate action. 

Thus, the brand got down to business in a consistent manner, and thanks to Magento managed to change their perspective successfully.

Using the capabilities of the platform, Lafayette 148 created an engaging design and "cleaner" store structure. The possibility of global shipping was nothing but a benefit. So, it became easier to launch marketing campaigns with targeted messages and offers. 

15. Munchkin


Munchkin should not be left without our attention. It is a wonder of a store for parents with everything they need for their kids. Thus, a strong online presence is what Munchkin needs to stay competitive.

And it's another case when enhancing the efforts in eCommerce with Magento is a perfect solution. One of many needs was to make a store responsive and adaptable. This would help parents can save their precious time and shop on the go.

The intuitive design and convenient catalogue make browsing easy while the simple checkout encourages you to proceed with the purchase. 

Such an integration helped Munchkin triple the revenue and increase conversions by 46%. This perfectly highlights that trying to ease customers' pain is always rewarded.

This is quite a list, isn't it?

It's clear now that Magento can easily be your go-for tool when you think of doing eCommerce. Moreover, you have all these amazing Magento website examples at your disposal. You can dive deeper into some particular cases and draw more inspiration for your business. 

Whenever you're ready, don't hesitate to create your website on Magento. It's easier than you think.