Hello, dear friends, 

We don't believe it but the hot summer of 2023 is almost over.  So, on the last day of August 2023, we'd like to share our hot news and updates.



New features of the Magento 2 Blog Extension!

XML Sitemap Refactoring. Now blog homepage, blog posts, and categories are included in the general Magento XML Sitemap. If you wish to keep a separate blog sitemap, you can manage it with a separate Blog Sitemap Extension.

We also added an option "Page Pagination Type" in Advanced Permalink Settings that allows to enable ?p=N and  /page/N to default pagination type ?page=N (Blog Plus & Extra). Added an option to display related blog products in the sidebar. Avoid canonical tag duplicates when a canonical tag is added manually via the Layout Update XML field. Improved meta description generation.

In the recent version, we also terminated the russian localization. [With each next russian missile strike on our cities, we lose the ability to understand the Russian language and maintain it in our modules].



New features of Magento 2 Google Tag Manager & GA4!

In this version, we added Google Analytics 4 Measurement Protocol for server-side eCommerce tracking (available in GTM Extra). We added the REST API endpoints for Headless PWA storefront Google Analytics 4 tracking (available in GTM Extra). We added in the prevent duplication of purchase events.  We also added compatibility with 2c2p payment method module. Added the "customer_identifier" parameter (sha256 hash of order customer email) to the purchase event.


New features of Magento 2 Point of Sale (POS)!

We added the ability to create a new customer's account (POS Plus).

We also enhanced the admin orders grid with additional fields: 'POS Terminal', 'POS Store Location', and 'Is POS Order?' with the option to filter orders by these fields. In this version, we implemented Access Control List (ACL) for: 'Custom Sale', 'Custom Product Name', 'Custom Product Price', 'Inventory', and 'Update Source Quantity' features (available in POS Extra edition). In this version, we fixed an issue where the customer's VAT information was not appearing in the Order & Account Information when the order was placed via POS.

We also resolved a problem where products were not added to the cart when 'Manage Stock' was set to 'yes', the quantity was 0, and the Allow Backorders option was enabled.


 New features of the Magento 2 Edit Order Extension!

In the last version, we added order editing restrictions by admin users. Now, you can also use the options set restrictions for order editing by Orders Status, Invoiced/Shipped/Refunded Orders.

In the recent version, we fixed the incorrect discount amount after editing the product with customizable options.




New features of Magento 2 Coupon Code Extension!

In the recent version, we added the "Generate Coupon Code Link” wizard on the Cart Price Rule form.





 New features of the Magento 2 Youtube Widget!

In the last version, of the extension we added YouTube Shorts support. Also, we added Hyva compatibility for videos loaded via popup.





New features of Magento 2 Rich Snippets Extension!

In this version, we added EAN,GTIN and custom attributes to the schema of child items of configurable products. We also added compatibility with PHP8.2, and performance improvements.




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