Hello there, Magento fans!

Summer is hot this year the same as the extension updates we've prepared for you. Are you ready?

Magento 2 WebP Images will work even better on different Magento instance since we’ve improved the HTML parsing for WebP conversion. Also, from now on you should face no errors during manual webp converting via bin/magento magefan:webp:convert command regardless of your Magento version.

Integrated better compatibility with other lazy load extensions and notification messages about invalid WebP PHP GD library on the extension configuration page will allow you to benefit from improved WebP extension.

Blog extension is a great contribution to your store especially if it is our Magento 2 Blog we continuously work on improving. This month we’ve fixed the errors appearing on Magento 2.4.x.

Besides, datepicker won’t save wrong data if using en_US locale in the admin panel since we’ve fixed that too. If you want to track the Magento 2 Blog extension improvements you check the extension change log.



Dynamic categories are used to add products to categories automatically without long and time-consuming manual process. Magento 2 Dynamic Category has a lot of features that make the use of dynamic category rules even more convenient.

We’ve added the New Dynamic product attributes: Best Sellers (QTY) Per Week, Month, 3 Months, Year. "Is New" dynamic attribute, based on New From-To Date attribute, was also added.

The extension cron jobs is now running every hour instead of once a day to update the dynamic product attribute and categories faster. We’ve also created the separate cron group for the dynamic category cron jobs and improved the module's compatibility with multi-website Magento to make its use even more universal.


Being able to login to customer account in one click is something a lot of stores were lacking until Magento 2 Login as Customer extension made it possible.

It significantly simplifies the customer requests management and reduces the time spent on fixing issues appearing in “My Account” area or during checkout. Magento found this functional really useful and decided to add it to its core. There was no place for hesitations and we’ve happily accepted this integration.

As we’ve announced before we want to notify you one more time that Login as customer extension is now a part of Magento 2.4.0 core. Learn more here.

As a part of speed optimization you can enable the deferred JavaScript loading on your store. Magento 2 Rocket JavaScript allows you to do this and moves all JS code to the bottom of the page to minimize the JS bundle size and reduce loading time.

It also allows you to not move all JS to the bottom if there are some that need to be left. We’ve fixed the "Fixed Deprecated Functionality error" appearing on Magento 2.4.x when using PHP7.4. The same error was fixed in the Magento Auto-Language Switcher Extension.

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