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Shopify Google Indexing App

Shopify Google Indexing App is an SEO optimization tool that allows you to send new or updated content to Google significantly faster. Bypass the queue and notify Google about new, updated or deleted pages automatically or manually.

Stop waiting for Google to discover your pages through a sitemap. Use the Shopify Google Indexer and see your changes in search results almost instantly!

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Send Shopify pages for indexing automatically
Submit indexing requests in bulk in Shopify
Send Shopify products and collection for indexing manually
Shopify Google Indexing App
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Rank Faster and Drive More Traffic

While you can wait for Google to discover your pages or changes organically, that’s not very reliable.

Google might miss some links or simply not get to them fast enough.

Ensure fast indexing with the Shopify Google Indexing tool. Notify Google about new, updated or deleted pages directly.

Keep your content fresh in search and drive more clicks than your competition.

shopify google indexing
index pages automatically shopify

Send Pages for Indexing Automatically

You can continue using the XML sitemap to help Google discover and crawl your pages. But since fresh content gets more impressions, you need a faster way.

Magefan Google Indexer for Shopify offers you quick indexing with zero maintenance and zero effort.

Just enable the automatic Google indexing for products and collections.

Let the app handle the rest and notify Google about new, updated or deleted pages on autopilot.

Index One or Multiple Pages in One Click

Although Google Search Console allows you to send indexing requests, you do that for every single URL.

Stop wasting time submitting URLs for indexing one by one. Use the Shopify Google Indexing App to send multiple pages for indexing in one go.

Paste multiple links in the "Request Indexing" panel or upload a .txt file with all of them.

Save time and effort while maintaining a “fresh” URL profile.

request google indexing shopify
delete shopify pages from google index

Remove Pages from Google Index Easier

There are multiple ways to remove pages from Google index. You can either use a sitemap, or meta robots.

But none removes a page from search results faster than Shopify Google Indexer.

Removing pages works the same way as submitting them.

Just insert one or multiple URLs into the indexing panel and choose a corresponding option. We’ll handle the rest.

Monitor Your Indexing History in Logs

Make sure all of the automatic and manual indexing requests are processed successfully in the logs.

Keep track of all scheduled, created and executed requests for a specific period.

The Shopify Google Indexer allows you to execute cancelled or failed requests directly from the grid.

Get more control over your website indexing and monitor the changes.

google indexing schedule logs

Is there a limit to the number of daily indexing requests I can send with this app?

The number of requests available for you within the app is defined by your plan. However, you can send 200 requests per day max. If you need more you need to increase the Indexing API quota per day with Google Cloud.

Do you offer a free trial for this Shopify Google Indexing app?

Yes, we offer a free trial for this app. Once you click the "Install App" button you start a 14-day trial. Once the trial expires you need to choose a plan you want to use.

Is there a free plan for this app?

No, unfortunately, there is no free plan for the Google Indexing app. However, there is a 14 days trial which you can use to test out the app.

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