Hello, Magento fans!

Since Magento is our favorite eCommerce platform and we all eagerly waited for Magento 2.4.0 we are happy to bring you the great news.

In the fall of 2019, we received a request from Adobe Systems Incorporated, which owns the Magento platform, to include our Login as Customer module for Magento 2 in the core of their system. Of course, we couldn't refuse, because Magefan is Magento fans.

Login as Customer functional is a valuable contribution to any Magento 2 store. It did a great impact on Magento Community and that was why Magento got interested in adding it to the Magento 2.4.0 functional. 

Instead of writing new code from scratch Magento contacted us and asked about the integration which we definitely supported.

We transferred copyright for the "Login as Customer" extension to Adobe, and in the early 2020 we worked with the Magento Community Engineering Team on integrating our module into the Magento core. There were made code improvements and added some new features.

So, that's it. Magefan Login as Customer extension is now included in the Magento 2.4.0 and available to use free of charge for every Magento edition. You can find it in the v2.4.0 release notes as the "Seller-assisted shopping" infrastructure improvement.

The extension was spit into 8 packages that are available in the vendor folder:

- magento/module-login-as-customer
- magento/module-login-as-customer-api
- magento/module-login-as-customer-log
- magento/module-login-as-customer-frontend-ui
- magento/module-login-as-customer-admin-ui
- magento/module-login-as-customer-quote
- magento/module-login-as-customer-sales
- magento/module-login-as-customer-cache

No worries if you're still managing your store on the Magento version older than 2.4.0. You can continue using original Magefan Login as Customer extension. Fo that you can just disable core Magento Login as Customer feature.

However, we recommend to use Login as Customer module as a part of Magento Community 2.4.0 since there are the following features integrated:

  • Rest API
  • Storefront Notification Bar

Magento 2 Login as Customer Frontend Notification

  • Customer and Admin Simultenious Logging Out
  • Better Logs

In case you have installed the Magento Community 2.4.0 with Login as Customer feature and have been using the original Magefan Login as Customer module before, you can disable the last one running this command:

bin/magento module:disable Magefan_LoginAsCustomer

We are happy to contribute to our all-favorite Magento and hope that those of you who haven't gotten a chance to use the Login as Customer extension yet will appreciate its features and see the impact it has on your Magento 2 store functionality.