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Reviews about Magento 2 Login As Customer Extension

  1. Doesn't work well on multi-store website

    This extension is good but we were facing issues on multi-store instance, so we went with another vendor.

    Magefan's reply:

    Thank you for your review. Our extension actually works well with the multi-store. There is an option in the extension settings (Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Login as Customer > Store View To Login In) that enables you to choose what store view to login to. We've contacted the client to establish further steps of resolving this request.

    Review by Shawn Simmon

    Posted on

  2. Not Working in Magento 2.4.3-p2
    Login As Customer not working in Magento 2.4.3-p2
    Please Resolve this error


    Magefan's reply:
    Please note that our Login as Customer extension has been added to the core of Magento 2.4. (reference article:https://magefan.com/magefan-login-as-customer-extension-now-is-part-of-magento-240-core)

    That's why you might have a conflict between a native Magento Login as Сustomer feature and our extension. You can only use one of them. So please, either disable the Magento feature or our extension with the following guide: https://magefan.com/login-as-customer-magento-2-extension/magento-2.4.x.

    Review by Balkrishan Verma

    Posted on

  3. Magento 2.4 | Not working
    I installed at Mag 2.4, but it did not work.

    Magefan response:

    Please note that the Magento 2.4. already has the Magefan's Login as Customer built-in since we have passed the right for the extension to Adobe.
    Find more information here: https://magefan.com/magefan-login-as-customer-extension-now-is-part-of-magento-240-core.

    To make the original Magefan extension feature work, please use the following guide: https://magefan.com/login-as-customer-magento-2-extension/magento-2.4.x.

    Review by Kashif Khan

    Posted on

  4. Excellent plugin tested and on production
    hi, just want to comment about this plugin, installation was easy, no conflicts, is working good. I asked for a custom modification and the response was immediately, very good, thanks for the support

    Review by Ivan Rojas

    Posted on

  5. Works well
    Very useful tool to manage customer queries about downloadable links.

    Review by Andy ERSKINE

    Posted on

  6. Issue when multi webiste login
    We have installed extension but when in the backend, when i try to login as customer from backend, even if the customer is a any other web site customer, it always opens up main web site.

    Please look into this serous issue
    Magefan response:

    When you have multi-website Magento you can enable "Manual Choose" in "Store View To Login" option that can be found in Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Login As Customer. This option allows you to choose at what website/store view your want to be logged in.

    Review by Bhagyashri Patel

    Posted on

  7. Should be standard in B2B
    As a big B2B player in the Netherlands we use this module as a standard in our B2B webshops! It's great to help the sales team to place orders for customers or see what their wishlist is.

    Review by Casper V

    Posted on

  8. review login as customer
    I tried two other similar apps before finding Magefan login as a customer. Other similar extensions caused lots of problems from not loading properly to transfering one customer's cart content to another. Magefan login as customer installed straight off with zero issues. It 100% worked straight off no issues at all. Highly recommend this ext.

    Review by julian parkinson

    Posted on

  9. Works very well
    This has been a great help when my client's customers have issues purchasing. I'm able to see exactly what issues they are dealing with and resolve them quickly. The support for this extension is excellent and I would definitely recommend.

    Review by Debbie Schmidt

    Posted on

  10. Super helpful extension!
    This really helps us give our customers extra customer service... we can help them get products in their shopping cart or help them make sure they are purchasing the correct items... even help with address issues. Thank you Magefan!

    Review by Emily Pepperman

    Posted on

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