Increase Sales in Magento 2: Tips That Actually Work

With hundreds of stores launching every day, standing out in the eCommerce crowd is hard these days. Every other store struggles to generate sales and reach its goals. All because of one reason — fierce competition. 

Merchants experiment with different sales and marketing strategies to get more sales. But industries differ and so do the product types. So there is no one-size-fits-all approach that works for everyone. 

To tackle that challenge we've gathered proven methods to increase sales in Magento in one place. Evaluate them based on your business, customers, their needs and your products to choose what works best for you.

Excited to start? Let's go.

1. Make Your Website Faster

The majority of websites invest in "ultimate customer experience" by adding extensive design and functionality. While in reality speed and SEO are two pillars your organic traffic stands on. The math is simple — the faster your website, the more likely customers are to complete the purchase.

Google Page Speed Test

Google page speed insights report example

Slow websites are perceived as unreliable and make it impossible to browse through, let alone shop. Thus, you should invest in the best tactics to speed up Magento 2. Eliminate unnecessary extensions, optimize images and reduce server response time to start with.

2. Optimize for SEO

When potential customers are searching for the products you sell, you'd better be at the top of search results to get the clicks. That's when you need SEO. Its greatest benefit is you get tons of traffic with low marketing spend. So the traffic you get is basically "free". 

But here's a catch. SEO is not only about writing content and using keywords. 

Luckily Magento offers you plenty of SEO features out of the box. So, pay attention to the canonical tags, metadata, XML sitemap, alt tags and other things that influence your rankings. 

However, if default features are insufficient, you can get the Magento 2 SEO Extension to boost your efforts and drive more potential customers.

Once again, SEO and speed are two crucial factors you have to nail to get more traffic to your store. All the other tips focus on people already browsing your store. So ensure your SEO and speed are in line to avoid people leaving your store before they even get to the juiciest part. 

3. Use Up-sells and Cross-sells

If you want customers to purchase more, offer them cross-sells and up-sells. That's the best way to increase the average order value and encourage more sales.

Cross-selling is a marketing technique where you offer customers to buy additional items related to the one customer already intends to buy. Besides, they are usually cheaper than the original item to make the purchasing decision easier.

Product Recommendations Magento

Related products block on the product page

e.g. if someone intends to buy a fitness course, you can display some fitness equipment as a cross-sell.

Up-selling, on the other hand, is offering customers to buy a more expensive version of a product, with more features, etc.

e.g. if someone intends to buy a fitness course, you can offer them to pay the extra $10 to get the same course with the weekly meals menu, it's an upsell.

But don't forget about the personalization, and implement blocks like "Who Bought This Also Bought That" based on purchasing algorithms.

Who Bought This Also Bought Block

Example of the "Who Bought This Bought That" block

4. Highlight Products with Labels

People coming to your website, don't always know 100% what they want to buy. They might be just browsing the options. That's why you need to guide them towards the right option that also works for you. The best way to do that is with product labels. 

sale product labels magento

"Hot Deal" product labels on the category page

You can add product labels to Magento products using images, text or shapes. Opportunities are limitless, the same as conditions under which to add the labels. 

Highlight new arrivals, best sellers, hot deals, free shipping offers, etc. You will never run out of options to increase sales in Magento with product labels. 

5. Offer Personalized Discounts

It takes a lot for customers to make a purchasing decision. Sometimes all they need is a little push in the form of discounts. In Magento, you can do that directly in the catalogue or checkout page using a cart or catalog price rules.

Catalog Price Rules in Magento Category

Catalog price rules applied to the category page

Apply discounts to various items based on customer group, date and different product attributes. 

Additionally, you can offer coupons and increase sales in Magento by applying them automatically to the shopping cart

6. Show Reviews, Testimonials and Case Studies

One of the downsides of online shopping is that you can't verify the product's quality. That's why customers rely heavily on reviews and testimonials from other real customers. However, in a world where reviews are often faked to boost sales, you need more than a few lines of text. 

Dedicate a separate page to testimonials and case studies. You can even go as far as adding the contact information if people in your testimonials approve of it. This will make it easy for others to reach out and verify the reviews.

Another option is enabling Google Reviews in Magento to collect reviews from real people automatically.

Easy access to legitimate testimonials builds trust and makes buying from you more reliable

google customer reviews survey

Automatic Google customer review survey

7. Offer Seamless Navigation

When customers land on your website, they opt for options or know exactly what they want to buy. In either case, you must provide an easy way to navigate your store. That's why navigation, search bar, and breadcrumbs are essential for your store UI. 

According to the best practices you should place the navigation and search bars where it is easy to find. On most websites, it's at the top or left side of the page. 

However, it also helps if you create categories for sales items, most rated items, best sellers and other products to boost customers' interest. 

8. Simplify Checkout Process

The biggest mistake you can make when customers are at the final step of their journey is to force them to go through complicated checkout.

Buying from you should be easy. So, if you want to increase Magento sales and encourage customers to return, simplify your checkout

Default Payment Method in Magento 2

Example of the simple checkout page with payment method icons

Remove unnecessary steps, start using autocomplete and display order details on checkout clearly, etc. Don't make your customers feel overwhelmed. The less confusion the better. 

But simplifying Magento checkout is not the only thing to improve. Make sure to use the most popular payment methods, like PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay and others.

9. Reduce the Risks of Purchasing

There's always a risk in buying something online. That's what stops a lot of people from finalizing their orders, especially with pricey items.

So another way to establish trust and increase sales in Magento is offering some guarantees. Make your money-back or exchange guarantees easy to find and not too overwhelming. Customers need to be sure they'll be refunded in some way in case a product doesn't work for them. 

Additionally, you can provide free trials. This makes buying from you safer and helps you stand out from competitors. 

10. Create a Sense of Urgency

No one likes missing out on a great deal whether it's a free item, free shipping or just an extra 10% off. Creating a sense of urgency is a final push customers need to make a conversion.

There are multiple ways to use that to increase Magento sales. Some of the most popular ones:

  • Emphasize the limited amount of products available
  • Offer free shipping for all or some orders over a short period
  • Create limited-time sales on certain items
  • Show the number of products left in stock to emphasize scarcity
  • Include a free gift for orders over a limited period

11. Increase Your Social Media Presence

Increasing sales goes beyond ads these days. You have to stand out, show attention to your customers' needs and be on track with the latest trends. Social media is a goldmine for that. 

Considering the amount of time an average person spends on social media each day, it's a crime to ignore it. 

You can post photos and videos of your products, and engage with your audience in comments. Just be active and harness more attention to your brand

Facebook Post Without OG Tags Open Graph Meta Tags on Facebook
Regular Facebook post Facebook post optimized with open graph tags

This allows you to not only build brand awareness and get more traffic to your store. It builds trust and makes customers less hesitant when buying from you. 

Besides, you can use the Facebook pixel and retarget people who leave your store after visiting. Show them personalized ads and drive them back to your store. 

12. Promote Your Offers with Banners

If you want to provide unique offers, announce the sale or create a sense of urgency, you need banners. They drive attention the most, be it on a category, products or any other pages.

The thing is — the same offer doesn't work for everyone. You need to add personalization

And for that, you need Magento Dynamic Blocks and Pages. These help you create a unique banner (CMS block) or page for each customer group. Then you can display it under different conditions. 

e.g. customers who have something in their cart — offer them free shipping if they finish and order within the next hour. If someone intends to buy something for less than 20$ — show them a banner about "buy 2 get 1 free" and increase the average order value. 

Magento 2 free shipment offer

Example of the free shipping sales block on checkout

The better the offer —  the more likely customers are to convert. That's true. But banner personalization makes this even better.

13. Optimize for Mobile

With the fierce competition and the number of mobile users browsing the web, it's only natural for you to optimize for mobile. If you want to stand the competition, of course. 

A frictionless mobile experience is your ticket to better conversions. If you want to increase sales in Magento using the methods we've already discussed, you must optimize for mobile.

That includes now only navigation, products and categories. Pay attention to details like popups, banners, buttons, labels, images and every other element in the customers' journey. 

14. Provide Excellent Customer Service

You can improve speed, use the best SEO practices and create a one-of-a-kind design. But nothing beats the customer service. That's what makes you stand out the most.

To boost Megtno sales with your existing customer base make sure to provide excellent customer service. This includes: 

  • Real-time support through live chat or chatbots
  • Self-service portals
  • Clear and transparent store policies 
  • FAQ pages or blocks on product pages
  • Fast and customer-oriented communication
  • Personalized emails after the purchase

Using these approaches helps you to increase the average order value and makes customers return. Besides, you get to know your customers' preferences and determine areas for improvement.

15. Reduce Abandoned Carts

Around 70% of people abandon their shopping carts for various reasons. So, that's why you might not be getting the sales you expect. Since checkout is the final step in the customers' journey, make sure to thoroughly analyze it.

Are you offering the most popular shipping and payment methods? Do you force your customers to register before checking out? Is your checkout fast enough?

Better Magento Checkout

Example of optimized two-step Magento checkout page

Start using guest checkout (you can convert guests to customers later), add more payment and shipping methods, and reduce forms and fields on checkout. Experiment with different approaches to eliminate cart abandonment. 

But there is the other side of the issue — what to do with those who've already left? Retarget them through email campaigns, abandon cart notifications or social media ads.

16. Track, Analyze and Improve

Once you implement all of these tips to increase sales in Magento, you need to determine if they work. Some methods work better than others depending on your specific case. So you need more than default Magento reports to measure the performance.

Track customer behaviour, checkout and product performance, customer journey and other important events. How? Using the Magento 2 Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics.

google analytics 4 events

Google Analytics 4 events

It's a goldmine of user behaviour data that helps you to determine patterns and optimize your strategies. You can monitor how users interact with your cross-sells and up-sell, see how they go through each checkout step and find exactly what makes them leave. 

Take your Sales to the Next Level

You can't increase sales in your Magento store without improving customer experience. So, use these tactics to analyze and improve accordingly. 

Each of these methods is effective. But when used together they can skyrocket your sales and make buying from you a pleasure. But don't forget to monitor how these tactics work each step of the way to determine what works best for you.

And once you need more than that, feel free to resort to the best Magento 2 Promotions Extensions.