Coupons play a vital role in every sale and special offer you provide on your Magento store. Even though Magento provides you with the cart price rule by default, you should look for ways to auto apply coupons in Magento.

Usually, when you display discount codes in CMS blocks or add them to banners, customers have to manually type or copy and paste coupon codes on checkout. 

Applying coupon codes automatically in Magento reduces the steps required to apply the coupon and increases the chances of people actually applying it.

So, what you need in this case is Magento 2 Coupon Code Extension. We'll show you how easy it is to auto apply coupon codes in Magento using this quick solution.

Auto Apply Coupon Codes in Magento

  1. Start setting up the cart price rule.
  2. Enter the Coupon Code you'd like to use and get the Coupon Code Link generated automatically.

Coupon Code Link in Magento 2

The coupon code contains two important elements we want to point your attention to — coupon code and redirect URL. Once customers click on the link they will be redirected to the corresponding link with the coupon code already applied. However, that's not it. 

You can also choose what products to add to a cart once the coupon code is applied. Simply click on the Generate Coupon Link button at the top cart price rule panel. 

Generate coupon code link

Then specify the coupon link information: 

  • Redirect URL — defines what page you want customers to land on after they click on the coupon code link.
  • Auto-Generated Coupon Length — defines the length of the coupon code in case you use auto-generated coupons.
  • Add Products to The Cart (Optional) — opens more product options for the coupon code link.
  • Add Products — defines the SKUs of the products you'd like to add to the cart after a coupon is applied (comma separated). 
  • Product's QTYs — defines the quantity of the SKUs you specify.

Coupon code link settings

Don't forget to press the Generate button and Copy the generated coupon code link. When your customers apply such a coupon code and get products added to the cart automatically, they will definitely come for more deals. 

Generated coupon code link

So, one last thing to discuss today is where you can add this coupon code link.

Once you have the link that applies coupons in your Magento store automatically, the opportunities become limitless.

You can add coupon code link to:

  • CMS Pages

Coupon Code Link in Magento

  • CMS Blocks

Magento CMS Block

  • Banners

Magneto 2 Banners

  • Social Media 

Coupon Code Link on Social Media

  • Newsletters

Magento Newsletter

Magento 2 Coupon Code Extension helps you to auto apply coupon codes in Magento. However, where you add these links is for you to decide. 

As you can see, you can apply coupon code links to any button, image, or place. But you can also insert coupon code widgetto your store pages to get the same result.