Shopify Size Chart Conditions: How to Apply Size Charts to Products?

If you want to provide straightforward measurement instructions in your store, Shopify Size Chart App is the best option. It helps you create size charts easily with no fuss. 

But then there's a question of how to apply size charts to Shopify products. So, that's what we'll cover in this guide. The process comes down to a few clicks, literally. 

Before we dive into the Shopify size chart rules, let's review Shopify product attributes. Each product has a Type and Vendor, belongs to a certain Collection and is marked with some specific Tags.

shopify product

That's what makes one product different from the other. And that's what we'll work with.

Apply Size Charts to All Shopify Products

Once you create a size chart in Shopify, you land with the following rules filter:

shopify size chart conditions

Although the "Product must match all conditions" filter is set, the size chart will be assigned to all products in your store. So, leave it as is if you want to have one size chart for all products. 

However, if you have different size charts, you need to define some display conditions. 

Apply Size Charts to Different Shopify Products

If you sell, for example, apparel, you might have women, men, children and other items in stock. Thus, one size chart doesn't apply to all products. You need to use conditions to define where to display different size charts.


Before you set any conditions, you can use a filter to define whether products should match all or only one of the conditions for the size chart to be applied. 

shopify size chart conditions

e.g. if you choose "all conditions" and set multiple conditions, the size chart won't be assigned to a product unless it matches all the conditions. However, if you choose the "any conditions" filter, a product must meet at least one condition for the size chart to be displayed.


Once you choose how to apply the size charts to Shopify products, you set the conditions. Magefan Size Chart App works with the following fields in the Shopify products:

  • Title
  • Vendor
  • Product Type
  • Product Collection
  • Tags
  • Variant Title
  • Price
  • Compare at Price 
  • Inventory Quantity

Then there are also the following conditions the app can apply: 

  • is equal to
  • is not equal to
  • starts with
  • ends with
  • contains
  • doesn't contain

conditions to apply size chart in shopify

This allows you to add one size chart to only products with a certain name, or products that belong only to a certain collection, etc. 

Size Chart Isn't Displayed According to My Conditions

The size chart might not be displayed, even if you set very few conditions. The main reason why this happens is that you require products to match all conditions. 

According to the following example, you say that a size chart should be applied to the products that have "Jacket" in their title, have "women" tag, and belong to the collection that starts with "Tops". 

size chart conditions shopify

That's a lot of conditions. So there simply might not be any products that match that setting. In that case, simply review the conditions and try to remove some. 

Note: if you have multiple languages in your store, and translate size charts, you need to adjust the conditions to include translated product attributes. Or you can create a new size chart for each language with unique conditions.