Magefan Blog Titles are Too Big: Quick Fix

Once you install the Shopify Blog App from Magefan or import your posts to it, you might notice that titles are too big on the blog homepage or categories. It happens because of the size of the root element in your theme. The bigger it is, the bigger the titles in your blog. 

blog titles too big

But no need to worry. You can fix that in just a few clicks. 

To fix big titles in the Magefan blog: 

1. Navigate to Apps > Magefan Blog > Configuration and scroll down to the Design section. 

2. Open the Use Blog App Font Size section and set it to Yes

shopify blog font size

3. Don't forget to Save the settings and check your blog on the frontend. Big titles should be gone. 

shopify blog category

However, if you want to set some custom sizes for your blog titles, you need custom CSS.

4. Find the Custom CSS section in the same Design area and enable it. Then paste the following code there and tweak the 20 number to define the font size:

.shopify-section.shopify-section__blog .article-post__title {
font-size: 20px;

shopify blog custom css

Again, save the settings and view your changes on the frontend. If something still doesn't fit, let us know and we'll fix it together.