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Reviews about Shopify Blog App

  1. Intuitive simple and effective blogging tool
    This is an intuitive simple and effective blogging tool. I replaced the standard Shopify blog tool with this one and I highly recommend it. Easy to add rich contents such a videos, graphics etc. Just what I needed!

    Review by Autorack Products Ltd

    Posted on

    HIDDEN GEM! Honestly, this app is amazing!! I have been able to increase my SEO presence with my blog and design it in a way that visually looks nice!! So excited to grow my Shopify store with Magefan!! Thank you so much.

    Review by Darcy's Business

    Posted on

  3. Very good application
    Very good application, with customer support that responds quickly.

    Well done and I wish you continued success in your development.

    Review by R-PUR

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  4. The best Shopify blog plugin
    This is the best Shopify blog plugin. I've tried them all. I've been searching for years for a blogging solution that gives me flexibility, speed and power for blogging inside of Shopify.

    This solution isn't perfect, but it's a really strong start for a product that's barely a year old. And the team behind it is a real company that's been doing eCommerce solutions for almost a decade.

    If they keep going, and add some more quality of life features like flexiblity around how to insert content into a blog post, how to visually edit content in a blog post, this will be THE blogging app for Shopify. But they already have translations, for crying out loud. These folks are in it to win it.

    It's also appropriately priced like a real software product, not like some of these crappy Shopify plugins that are obvious grifts.

    Review by Christian Pure

    Posted on

  5. Love it!!
    Way better and customizable than the stock shopify blog page. Customer service is FANTASTIC. I asked for special features and they ADDED them for me.. in one day. Love it!!

    Review by Rohit Batra Teach

    Posted on

  6. The sidebar alone is better than all other blog apps
    Still a new app but the sidebar alone is better than all other blog apps and integration is easy. It can also create one way you could improve this amazing app would be to automatically change the uploaded blog featured image into 150x150 for featured list images, 450 x 450 for homepage recent post/ featured post to improve speed. The biggest problem is that all seo or other shopify app only work with the shopify integrated blog, thats why i can’t use yoast or tiny image optimizer. Or maybe you could integrate the magefan into shopify blog, so other plug ins would be compatible? I don’t know and thanks for your time to reading this :)
    And the post should sort automatically in the last settings set

    Review by Unimother

    Posted on

  7. Easy to use
    Overall, good functionality and easy to use. Support team is prompt and courteous.

    Review by American Skillet Co.

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  8. Far superior to the stock Shopify blog
    Magefan Blog is far superior to the stock shopify blog. The support has been excellent, I submitted some suggested functionality and they responded immediately and added that requested functionality.

    We were already paying $7.99/mo for Custom Authors, this functionality comes built into magefan so it was a no-brainer for us to switch. Plus the ability to add categories for navigation is huge.

    I do wish that blog posts showed up in searches. It should be included in the basic plan. An additional $20/month for this is too much.

    Review by Golden Fly Shop

    Posted on

  9. We're thoroughly impressed with this app
    We're thoroughly impressed with this app and its consistent performance. The support team is always ready to tackle any issues, and we wholeheartedly recommend it to others.

    Review by Unique marketplaces by Vehar®

    Posted on

  10. Highly recommended
    Smooth installation, easy to configure, great and responsive customer support. Highly recommended.

    Review by Womanly

    Posted on

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