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Change log for Shopify Blog App

May 2024


  • - Added a new design for the Shopify Blog dashboard.
  • - Added steps on how to configure the app.
  • - Added FAQ section.
  • - Added the user guide block.
  • - Added the contact us block.

April 2024


  • - Added the co-author feature (Pro Plan).
  • - Added the News sitemap (Pro Plan).
  • - Added the option to set rich snippet/structured data for each blog post (Standard Plan).
  • - Added the breadcrumb snippet to the blog pages (Standard Plan).
  • - Now the 404 page inherits the store design.

March 2024


Important: received "Built for Shopify" Achievement! So you can be sure our Shopify Blog App meets Shopify's highest quality standards for speed, ease of use, and merchant value.

  • - Added ability to change /a/ in the blog path to apps/tools/community. e.g. myshopify.store.com/tools/blog/post-path.
  • - Added ability to change /blog/ in the blog path to any other path. e.g.  myshopify.store.com/a/news/post-path.
  • - Improved UI for related posts and products in the backend.
  • - Design improvements that comply with the best Shopify practices, namely in the configuration section.

February 2024


  • - Added blog index page description field. 
  • - Improved import from Magento 2 and WordPress. It now works with Shopify dev stores with password protection.
  • - Changed backend config labels for templates and design settings.
  • - Improved UI for related posts and products in the backend.
  • - Enabled the "Include in sidebar" option by default for newly created categories.
  • - Storefront speed improvements.

January 2024


  • - Grids in the admin panel "remember" the sort by option.
  • - Added the "Export to Magefan Blog" button in the default Shopify blog post (More actions).
  • - Added blog sitemap link in the "XML Sitemap" config section.
  • - Added the ability to reply to blog comments from the admin panel.
  • - Added the search engine preview for metadata.
  • - Changed category input in the admin panel to select box tree and added category search by name.
  • - Now import from WordPress or Magento to Shopify Blog doesn't need the "shop", only the import key.


  • - Mobile optimization for blog management buttons in the admin panel.
    - Added an option to fix the issue when the font size in the blog is too big.
    - Added a fix for blog save messages to comply with the Shopify design requirements.

December 2023


  • - Added 7 images that will be randomly applied to a blog post if there is no featured image for the post list.
  • - Added sample .csv file for import.
  • - Added integration between Shopify catalog search and the blog search. (Pro Plan)
  • - Added localization. Now you can translate any entity (post, category, author, tag, comment, title, content, short content, metadata etc.) on different stores if they have different localizations (languages). (Pro Plan)
  • - Added bulk actions for blog posts: status change and delete.
  • - Added sample post that is published when installing the app.

November 2023


  • - Design improvement in the admin panel.
  • - Added support for Turkish, Slovak, Romanian, Dutch, Italian, Finnish, Spanish, Greek, Czech locales.
  • - Added an option to upload WebP Images.
  • - Added an option to select a shop domain to build proper blog URLs (in case you have multiple domains). (Standard Plan)
  • - WISWIG improvements.
  • - Preview Post feature improvements.
  • - Started using the shop timezone instead of the server default timezone.