Shopify Blog Templates: Upgrade Your Blog Pages

The way your blog looks and feels determines whether visitors are going to stick around. So, while a reliable blogging solution should offer you multiple options for creating content on Shopify, it should also cover blog design. 

If you use the Magefan Blog App for Shopify, you'll never have to worry about that. It comes with 18 Shopify blog templates and 3 different layout settings. So you can configure the design of each blog list page: homepage, category, tag, search and author.

Today you'll learn about each of the blog templates for Shopify and how to apply them in your blog.


shopify blog template grid


blog template list 1 column


blog template list 2 columns


blog template list 3 columns


blog template grid 2 columns


blog template grid 3 columns


blog template grid and list 1 column


blog template grid and list 2 columns


blog template grid and list 3 columns


blog template grid 1 column no short content


blog template grid 2 columns no short content


blog template grid 3 columns no short content


blog template grid 1 columns short content


blog template grid 2 columns short content


blog template grid 3 columns short content


blog template grid 2 columns big first image


blog template grid 4 columns vertical


blog template grid 3 columns vertical

Where You Can Apply Shopify Blog Templates?

With the Shopify Blog App by Magefan, you can set the template for different sections of the blog: post lists, blog homepage, sidebar posts and posts widgets. So, let's cover where you can configure each of them.

Post List

Primarily, Shopify blog templates can be applied to all blog lists. You can find a general setting by going to Apps > Magefan Blog > Configuration > Post List

Shopify blog post list

Blog Homepage

Besides, you can choose a separate template for the blog homepage. For that go to Apps > Magefan Blog > Configuration > Blog Index Page.

shopify blog homepage

Blog Sidebar

Certain Shopify blog templates are also available for the recent, featured and popular posts in the blog sidebarList and Grid, in particular. Additionally, you can choose whether to enable or disable a featured image for these templates.

Shopify recent blog posts

Blog Posts on Shopify Homepage

Finally, if you want to add recent posts to Shopify homepage (or featured posts), you can choose any from these 18 templates.

add recent blog posts to shopify homepage

You can experiment with the design, and apply different templates till you find the one that fits your blog the best. If you want to see how these blog templates for Shopify work on a website, check out our demo blog.