How to Configure Shopify Blog Design?

The way you present content to people is as important as the relevancy of the information you share in your posts. That's why you need to make sure your blog design is stunning and attention-grabbing. 

Except for multiple blog templates, you can find different layouts in the Magefan Shopify Blog to structure your blog pages. And today you'll learn how to configure them and how they are displayed.

Note: this feature is available in the Standard and Pro plans.

How to Configure Shopify Blog Design? 

1. Navigate to Apps > Magefan Blog > Configuration and find the Design section. 

2. Specify the layout you'd like to use for different post lists: 

  • Blog Index Page Layout
  • Blog Post Page Layout
  • Blog Category Page Layout
  • Blog Tag Page Layout
  • Blog Author Page Layout
  • Blog Search Page Layout

Shopify Blog design settings

Don't forget to Save the settings and check out what each layout looks like on the frontend. 

And here's how the three available layouts will be displayed on your blog pages:

Layout 2 columns right

2 column right bar blog layout shopify

Layout 2 columns left

2 column left Blog Shopify

Layout 1 column

When you select the 1 column layout for the Shopify blog, sidebar widgets will be displayed at the bottom of the content block. 

Shopify Blog one colum layout

That's how your blog content will be arranged on the page once you select the layout for them. Besides, you can also set custom CSS for blog in the design section to add some custom fonts, colours, etc. to your blog.