How to Configure Shopify Blog Sidebar Widgets?

Want to improve navigation through your blog, display some popular posts on all blog pages or enable search? In this case, you need to add the Shopify Blog sidebar. Magefan Shopify Blog App features 7 different blog sidebar elements including posts, categories, search, archive and others. The biggest benefit is — you don't need to know any coding to enable them. Just click a few buttons and that's it. 

So, today you'll learn how to configure each sidebar widget to improve customers' experience on your blog.

To add Shopify blog sidebar you need to navigate to Apps > Magefan Blog > Configuration and find the Sidebar section. Here you can enable and configure all Shopify blog sidebar widgets. 

Sidebar blog shopify

Note: each sidebar widget has the Sort Order option. It defines the position of the widget in the sidebar. The lower the number, the higher the widget will be displayed in the sidebar. 

Search Form

Here you only need to enable the blog search form and set the Sort Order for it. The advanced algorithm will analyse post titles and content to display relevant content on the search results page.

Shopify blog search


For the categories tree to be displayed in the sidebar, you need to enable it, and specify whether to Display Number of Posts near a category in brackets, like (10) and set the Sort Order.

Shopify blog sidebar categories

Note: the display of a category in the sidebar is defined by the Include in Menu option. You can disable or enable it to make them visible in the sidebar widget when you create blog categories.

Recent Posts 

When you create posts in Shopify you can enable the Include in Recent Posts option. It defines the display of the posts in the sidebar. 

Once you enable this widget you can choose a Template for it, List or Grid, and choose whether to Display Post Image. Additionally, you can set the Posts Number and Sort Order.

Recent posts in Shopify blog sidebar

Featured posts are posts you can specify manually. It is similar to the recent posts widget. You need to enable it, choose Template and set whether to Display Post Images

Then, to define what posts to display you need to specify the Post IDs separated by commas. And don't forget about the Sort Order.

Featured posts in Shopify Blog

The popular posts widget in the Shopify blog sidebar is quite the same as the recent posts widget. You have to define all of the same options.

However, while the recent posts are defined by a certain option on the blog post page, popular posts are displayed based on the views count, calculated by the app.

Popular posts Shopify blog sidebar


The archive widget allows you to display the development of your blog by date. To enable it, choose the Date Format and set a Sort Order. You can set different date formats here.

Blog archive Shopify

RSS Feed

If you want to distribute content to your audience you can enable a blog RSS feed in the sidebar. You also need to set the Feed Title and Description, along with the Sort Order

Blog RSS feed Shopify

Custom HTML Blocks

Custom HTML blocks in the Shopify blog sidebar allow you to add any content, like banners, via HTML. Just enable the widget, add Custom HTML Widget code and specify the Sort Order.

Customer HTML blocks Shopify blog

Save blog sidebar settings once you finish and go to the storefront to check how they are displayed.

Shopify blog sidebar

Shopify Blog sidebar improves navigation and helps visitors to find relevant content faster. However, to manage how posts are displayed on the blog homepage, categories and other blog pages, check the post list settings.