How to Add Search Bar in Shopify Blog?

Just like in catalogue search, the blog search bar in Shopify helps your readers to find relevant posts faster and navigate through them easier. As you might know already, the default Shopify search bar is outdated and requires a lot of steps to modify, let alone implement in your blog.

So, for those of you that don't want to spend tons of time on development, we introduce Shopify Blog App. It allows you to add a search bar in Shopify blog, along with other sidebar widgets.

Today, you'll learn how easy it is to enable the blog search in Shopify.

To add search bar in Shopify Blog:

1. Navigate to Apps > Magefan Blog > Configuration and find the Sidebar section. 

Shopify blog sidebar

2. Unfold the Search Form section, enable the widget and set a Sort Order for it.

Shopify blog search

Note: the sort order option defines the position of the search bar in the Shopify blog sidebar. The lower the number, the higher the search bar will be displayed. 

Don't forget to Save the settings and that's it. Nothing else is required. You can go to the frontend and try it out.

Just type the word you'd like to look for and the app will provide results based on the relevancy of the post content.

Add search bar to Shopify blog

The /search/ variable in the URL of the blog search results page will define that this is the search page. However, you can remove this variable by modifying the blog URL structure

Now your blog readers should be able to find the content they're interested in faster!