Getting your Facebook Ads to work is not a piece of the pie. Without accurate insights into customers' behavior, setting up effective Facebook campaigns is going to be challenging.

That is why you need Facebook Pixel - a small piece of code that can make a huge difference. You add Facebook pixel in Magento 2, allow it to track information about different events customers perform on your website and send it to Facebook Ads Manager.

The data this small piece of code tracks allows you to set up Facebook Ads that convert. 

So how to install Facebook Pixel on the Magento 2 site?

This is exactly what you're going to learn about in this article. However, first, you need to install the FREE Magento 2 Facebook Pixel Extension which allows you to do this much easier.

To Add Facebook Pixel in Magento 2:

1. Install Facebook Pixel Extension for Megento 2.

2.  Navigate to Stores > Condiguration > Magefan Extensions > Facebook Pixel and press the Stores > Configuration > Facebook > Business Extension button. 

3.  Get started with the Facebook Business Extension integration. 

Facebook Business Extension

3. Continue the integration with your Facebook account. If you don't have it yet, create one.

Set Up Facebook Pixel in Magento

4. Open your Shop and choose what option you want to be able to manage after adding Facebook pixel to your Magento store.

Login with Facebook in Magento 2

5. Select your Business Manager. If don't have Facebook Business Account yet, create it. It allows you to manage your Facebook page, catalog and pixel.

Facebook Business Accounts

6.  Connect your Facebook Page to your Magento 2 store to be able to display your products in the Facebook shop. Create a Facebook page if you don't have one.

Connect Facebook Page to Magento Store

7.  Connect your Instagram to Magento 2 if you have an Instagram account added to Facebook Manager.

Connect Instagram to Facebook Pixel

8. Select your Magento Catalog to be connected to Facebook and create dynamic ads based on the data from Facebook pixel. 

Add Magento Catalog to Facebook

9. Add your Facebook Ads Account in case you want to create ads for your products and services or just skip connecting to your Ads account.

Select Facebook Ads Account

10. Select Facebook Pixel you want to connect your Magento store to.

Magento - Facebook Pixel is the pixel that will be added to your website pages once you finish setting up this Facebook Business Extension. If you have some pixels already created, they will also appear in this list.

Facebook Pixel in Magento

11. Confirm your Commerce Account, the Facebook page you connected your store with before.

Confirm your Commerce Account

Once you confirm your Commerce Account, you will see all information you set before which you need to review and confirm.

Confirm Facebook Pixel Integration

Then you will see what Facebook for Magento is allowed to do. Some options are required and some you can switch off.

Set up Facebook Business Extension

This is the final step. So once you click Next, your Magento 2 store will be integrated with Facebook and Facebook pixel will be added to your store pages.

Facebook Business Account Setting Up

Congrats! You can now go and check Facebook Pixel in the code.

Add Facebook Pixel in Magento 2

Wast is hard? 

With Magento 2 Facebook Pixel extension it is super easy to integrate Facebook Pixel in Magento 2 and track customers' behavior in your store through different events.

Facebook Pixel Data

However, once you get the data you need, you can use it to create personalized Facebook ads. For this, you have to add products to your Facebook shop which is not that easy if you add them manually.

So, except for Facebook pixel integration, the Facebook Pixel extension allows you to integrate Facebook shop with Magento 2. Hurry up to learn how!