How to Display Popular Blog Posts in Shopify?

Since it is in our nature to "follow the crowd" and do what others do, people like to read what others read, when it comes to blogs. In Shopify Blog App, except for the recent posts and featured posts widgets, you can also display popular posts. 

Unlike other posts in a blog sidebar, you can't choose what is displayed as popular posts. The app calculates the views and displays the most viewed articles as popular posts. 

Today, you'll learn how to set it up. 

To display popular blog posts in Shopify:

  1. Navigate to Apps > Magefan Blog > Configuration > Sidebar, find the Popular Post Widget and enable it.
  2. Choose a Template for the widget and enable the Post Image.
  3. Set the Number of Posts you'd like to display in the popular posts section on the frontend. 
  4. Set the Sort Order

Note: the sort order option defines the position of the widget in the sidebar. The lower the number, the higher the popular posts widget will be displayed in the sidebar. 

Popular posts Shopify blog sidebar

Don't forget to Save the setting once you finish and check the popular blog posts in the Shopify sidebar. 

Display popular posts in shopify blog

Displaying popular posts in the blog sidebar, you encourage your blog visitors to read more. However, those are not the only widgets you can display in the sidebar. Explore all blog sidebar widgets offered by the Shopify Blog app, to drive your readers' attention and keep them engaged.