How to Edit, Approve or Delete Comments in Shopify Blog?

Although comments are one of the best ways to engage with your audience and get feedback on your posts, there always are some irrelevant ones. Malicious actions, spam or simple typos could be the reason why you need to edit or delete comments in the Shopify blog. 

While you usually need an additional app to edit blog comments in Shopify, you can forget about this with the Shopify Blog App. It already has 3 built-in types of blog comments: Facebook, Disqus and Magefan. 

So, if you want to edit, approve or delete comments before publication, you need Magefan comments. Let's find out how you can configure and use them.

How to Enable Blog Comments in Shopify?

To use comments in your Shopify blog, you need to enable them first. For that go to Apps > Magefan Blog > Configuration > Post Page (Post View) > Comments and choose to Use Magefan Blog Comments.

Here you also need to specify the Number of Comments and the Number of Replies to comments you want to allow for a blog post

Magefan Blog Comments Shopify

How to Approve and Delete Comments in Shopify Blog?

Once your blog readers leave a comment you will see them in the backend to review, edit and approve. 

To edit and approve comments in Shopify Blog, navigate to Apps > Magefan Blog > Comments. Here you can see the Nickname of the user who left a comment, the Post title, the Status of the comment and the date it was Published on.

Manage Comments in Shopify

After you click on the comment, you are taken to the comment editing page, where you can edit the text of the comment and change its status.

Blog comment Shopify

Once you Save a blog comment in Shopify, you'll see it on the frontend.

Blog comments Shopify

How to Reply to Blog Comments in Shopify?

Having approved the comments, you choose to display them on the storefront. However, to be closer to your readers, you can reply to their comments.

To do this without leaving the admin panel, go to Apps > Magefan Blog > Comments and open the comment you'd like to reply to. Press the Reply button, type your message, and save changes.

Reply to blog comments in the admin panel

So, you can not only edit and approve comments in Shopify Blog. This app also allows you to disable or delete some of them if they are no longer relevant. Besides, you are free to reply to the blog comments right in the admin panel.

Thus, you can keep an active dialogue with your readers while keeping an eye on the content they publish in the comments.