How to Reply to Blog Comments in Shopify?

A blog is an effective solution to maintain your online presence and attract more visitors. Yet, to keep readers engaged, you should also implement blog comments. Comments help you deliver to people's needs better.

What also matters is the option to reply to blog comments in Shopify. Of course, you can do it on the Shopify storefront. But it would be more convenient to reply to blog comments without having to leave the admin panel, right?

That's exactly what the Magefan Blog App offers. It comes with three types of comments, where you have the comment reply option in Magefan Comments.

To reply to blog comments in the Shopify:

1. Navigate to Apps > Magefan Blog > Comments.

2. Open a comment you'd like to reply to and press the Reply button.

Reply to blog comments in shopify

3. Type your reply in the corresponding field and Save changes.

Reply to blog comments in the admin panel

Now you can see your reply on the storefront:

Magefan blog comments

These are all the steps you need to take to reply to blog comments in Shopify. Everything is done in a few clicks. But that's not it. To operate your blog comments effectively, you also need to learn how to edit, delete and approve them.