How to Add Blog Post in Shopify?

Creating blog posts is harder than it sounds, and it's not only about the content or keyword research. The tools you use to create a blog in Shopify matter too. In case you're tired of ineffective drag-and-drop page builders and want to create Shopify blog posts easier, you've landed on the right page.

Today you'll learn how to create blog posts in Shopify with a handy Shopify Blog App.

To add blog post in Shopify:

1. Navigate to App > Magefan Blog > Posts and press the Add New Post button. 

Shopify Blog Posts

2. Specify the blog post Title and switch the Post status to enable if you want to publish it immediately after publication, though we recommend keeping it disabled till you finish creating your blog post.

3. Create a blog post Content.

The rich MSWord-like editor enables you to add videos, images, and tables. You can also use the HTML editor (Tools > Source code) and multiple other options if you like.

4. Specify the Publish Date and End Date. The latter will define a date when your blog post should be disabled automatically.

5. Upload Featured Img for the blog post page and list page (e.g. on a category page, blog homepage, etc.) and specify the Featured Img Alt tag for both images.

How to add blog post in Shopify

Note: if you want to use one featured image for both the post page and the list, simply upload the Featured Img for the post page. It will be used for lists too.

6. Fill out the General post settings.

  • Select the Blog Author.
  • Set whether to Include a post in Recent Posts. It defines whether the blog post will be displayed in the Recent Posts widget in the sidebar, in case you enabled it.
  • Select whether to Exclude a blog post from XML Sitemap.
  • Set the Position of the post in post lists. The lower the number, the higher the post appears in the list. 

7. Fill in Related tags.

Shopify blog post general settings

8. Type the Short Content of the post that will be displayed on the post lists. Otherwise, the beginning of the main content will be used for short content.

Note: short content length is defined in the post list configuration

9. Specify the Categories  your post should be listed in, Related Posts and Products

10. Enter the URL Key and Metadata for your blog post. 

Note: the URL key is just one of the blog post link elements. Check out blog permalink settings to configure other elements of the blog post path. 

Blog post metadata and related products and posts Shopify

Don't forget to Save your post once you finish. If you want to continue editing it without enabling it on a storefront, you can save and preview your post first.

New blog post in Shopify

Here you go. You've created your first blog post in Shopify. Continue working on the other posts to enrich your blog with informative, engaging and useful content to drive traffic and attract new audiences.