How to Add Blog Author in Shopify?

Adding authors to your blog builds trust and increases credibility. People know who is the source of the information and can refer to it when needed. In Shopify Blog App, you can create an unlimited number of blog authors. And that's what you'll learn to do in this article. 

To add blog author in Shopify:

1. Navigate to Apps > Magefan Blog > Authors and press the Add New Author button. 

Blog authors Shopify

2. Fill in the author's personal information, providing an Email, First and Last Names.

3. Set a Role.  

4. Add the author's bio in the Content and Short Content sections. 

5. Set Author status to enable and upload the author's Image

Add Author Shopify Blog

6. Specify blog author page URL Key and Metadata

Shopify blog author page SEO

Once you Save a new blog author, you will be able to assign them to a blog post. Then, after clicking on the author's name on the frontend, readers will be redirected to the author's page with all their posts.

Blog author Shopify