How to Add Blog Author in Shopify?

Adding authors to your blog builds trust and increases credibility. People know who is the source of the information and can refer to it when needed. In Shopify Blog App, you can create an unlimited number of blog authors. And that's what you'll learn to do in this article. 

Note: this feature is available in the Standard and Pro plans.

Check this short video to see how to create blog authors in Shopify or follow the instruction below: 

How to Manage Blog Authors in Shopify?

Before you move on to creating blog authors in Shopify, you need to make sure they are enabled in configurations. For that go to Apps > Magefan Blog > Configuration and find the Author section.

  1. Choose whether to Display Author Information.
  2. Decide if you want to Display Author Block at the bottom of the post page. 
  3. Enable the Display Post List by Author if you want to show the author's posts on the author page and chose the Post List Template for it.

Configure Blog author in Shopify Blog

How to Create Blog Author in Shopify?

1. Navigate to Apps > Magefan Blog > Authors and press the Add New Author button. 

shopify blog authors

2. Fill in the author's personal information, providing an Email, First and Last Names.

3. Set a Role.  

4. Add the author's bio in the Content

5. Set Author status to enable and upload the author's Image

new blog author shopify

6. Specify the Short Content.

shopify author short content

7. Specify blog author page URL Key and Metadata

shopify blog author metadata

Once you Save a new blog author, you will be able to assign them to a blog post

Blog author Shopify

Then, after clicking on the author's name on the frontend, readers will be redirected to the author's page with all their posts.

Blog author page Shopify blog

Additionally, if you've enabled the author's block, readers will be able to go to the author's page from the blocks at the bottom of the post page.

Blog author block shopify

How to Add Co-Authors to the Blog Post?

If you use the Pro plan, you can add multiple authors to the post. Simply go to the blog post and scroll down to find the Co-authors section. Tick the authors you want to add to the post and Save it. 

shopify blog co-author

Once you save the post, you'll find the co-author displayed at the top of the blog post.

co-authors in shopify blog

Note: the authors' block at the bottom of the post will still feature the main author you've set in the Author field.