How to Configure Post View Page in Shopify?

Creating blog posts in Shopify is a breeze if you use the right tools. Our Shopify Blog App allows you to use the feature-rich editor to create blog posts and manage all other blog elements like categories, tags and authors. 

In this guide, in particular, you'll learn how to configure a post view page, and the elements you add to it. 

Although featured images and blog post content are the main things of the page, you'll also need to set up other elements to promote other posts and products for better engagement.

To configure other elements of the blog posts page, go to Apps > Magefan Blog > Configuration > Post Page (Post View).

Note: some features are available only in the Standard and Pro plans.

Shopify blog post page settings

Posts From The Same Category

Same from category Shopify Blog

If you want to display posts from the same category on a post page, you just need to enable the Display Posts From The Same Category option. Don't forget to specify the Template and the Number of Posts to display.

Posts from same category Shopify Blog

Related Posts in Shopify Blog

Here you have to enable the Display of Related Posts and specify the Number of Posts to display. 

Shopify Blog related posts

Related Products Shopify Blog

This section is quite similar to the previous one. You need to enable the Display of Related Products and set the Number of Products to display.

Shopify Blog related products

Note: related posts and product sections will be available when you create a blog post. However, if these options are disabled in the configuration, no posts or products will be displayed on the post page on the frontend.


Blog comments Shopify

Magefan Blog App offers you three built-in comment types: Magefan, Facebook and Disqus. Each comes with a different set of settings. Check out this guide on how to manage Shopify Blog comments once you choose which type to use.

Shopify Blog comments

Note: Magefan type will enable you to edit and approve blog comments.

Previews and Next Post

Previous and next post links Shopify Blog

If you want your blog readers to continue browsing through your blog, enable the Display Prev. & Next Post Links option. 

Previous and next posts Shopify

Views Count

Shopify post view

To show how popular your posts are based on views count, enable the Calculate & Display Views Counts option for your posts.

Blog views count Shopify Blog

Don't forget to Save changes once you finish, go to a blog post on the frontend and check how the changes you've added are reflected.

With all the related posts and products, it will be easier for visitors to navigate through your blog. However, if you also want to configure widgets in the sidebar, check the blog sidebar settings.