How to Enable Post Views Count in Shopify Blog?

Did you know displaying popular blog posts in sidebar is not the only way to show how popular your posts are? You can also use the views count in your Shopify Blog. 

But the best part is you don't need to customize any templates or change the code. Just enable one option Magefan Shopify Blog App offers you.

To enable views count for Shopify blog posts: 

1. Go to  Apps > Magefan Blog > Configuration > Post Page (Post View) and find the Views Count section. 

2. Enable the Calculate & Display Views Counts option and Save the settings.

Post views count Shopify Blog

After this go to any of your blog posts and check the views. They will be displayed at the top of the blog post page. Post views Shopify

The will start being calculated once you enable the option. But as long as you keep it enabled the number will grow, showing your blog readers and visitors the popularity of your posts. 

Nevertheless, you should also explore other post view settings to make reading your posts extra engaging.