How to Add Banner to Shopify Blog Sidebar?

Although blog sidebar improves navigation it is not always enough to drive visitors' attention. You might want to show some information like promotional banners, links, or videos to notify your blog visitors about new products, etc. 

We've covered that as well in our Shopify Blog App. It offers you to add a custom HTML block to the blog sidebar. 

In this article corresponsingly, we'll set up a promotional banner on the blog sidebar, as an example. However, you can add any custom HTML content there.

To add a banner to Shopify Blog sidebar: 

  1. Navigate to Apps > Magefan Blog > Configuration > Sidebar and find the Custom HTML Widget section.
  2. Enable the widget and insert your custom HTML in the corresponding section. 
  3. Set the Sort Order.

Note: the Sort Order option defines the position of the widget in the sidebar. The lower the number, the higher your custom block will be displayed in the sidebar. 

Customer HTML blocks Shopify blog

Once you Save the settings you'll see your banner in the sidebar. 

Banner in Shopify blog sidebar

You can now add banners, videos and any other custom content to your blog sidebar, so it's always within readers' view.

But do you know what is the best part? 

Magefan Blog App for Shopify goes not with one but two custom HTML blocks. It enables you to add more custom content to your blog sidebar along with other Shopify blog sidebar widgets.