Manage Z and X Reports in Magento POS

Every POS cashier creates a session once they start their shift and close it after. Each session is correspondingly linked to a certain terminal and store location. So it allows you to track sales, returns and other activity in each store through Z and X reports. 

Since many confuse these two concepts, in this guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about Z and X reports in Magento POS System. And we'll also cover the details of how you can manage them.

What is the Difference Between Z and X Reports?

The X report is a report that shows current session information, from the session opening up till the report is run.

Z reports, on the other hand, cover information on the entire session from open to close. 

Correspondingly, to check the transaction details you can print Z reports any time during the day and X reports — at the end of the day.

How to Manage Z and X Reports in Magento POS?

As we've said before, each cashier starts a session at the beginning of their shift. In the Magefan POS system, all they need to do is log in to the POS location and choose the terminal

During a session, cashiers can monitor the amount on opening and closing a session, also as the amount taken and put in. That's basically it. At the end of the shift cashiers just have to close the session. 

terminal session in pos

However, to see detailed reports on each session and terminal you have to go to the admin panel. You can find all the sessions in the session log in POS > POS Staff Sessions

manage staff sessions in magento

To view extended reports on each session, you need to check Z- and X-reports. For that go to POS > POS Terminals and choose a terminal you'd like to check a report on.

pos terminals magento

Right from the terminal's grid, you can check X reports on everything from the register shift until this point (of you opening a report). It includes information about a store location, terminal, cashier, time when a session was opened, the opening balance and cash flow in and out up to this point. 

x-report magento pos

If you want to check reports on an entire session, go to a certain terminal and find a Z report in the Staff Session section. It is very similar to the X-report, the only thing that differs is that you can see the sales information from the entire session, from opening to closing. 

z-report magento pos

Z and X reports in Magento POS allow you to monitor your retail store performance and improve accordingly. So, Magefan POS makes it convenient not only to manage POS but track its sales and activities.