How to Create Cashier for Magento 2 POS?

Having a POS terminal set up is not sufficient for your POS system to function properly. Same as in the eCommerce store, there should be someone who processes the orders. In your retail store, cashier is a person that performs many vital functions from accepting payments to applying coupons and updating prices. 

Cashiers in Magento 2 POS are assigned to certain stores and correspondingly can operate certain terminals. It helps you to track each cashier's performance with the Z-reports and restrict their access to particular store locations.

The role of a cashier in Magento POS is performed by the admin users. You just have to create a cashier role for them like you would when creating any admin user in Magento.

To create a cashier in Magento 2 POS:

1. Create a user role.

  • Go to System > Permissions > User Roles and press the Add New Role button.
  • Specify the Role Name and Your Password.

New User Role in Magento

  • Move to Role Resources and choose Resources your cashiers will have access to.

Magento Role Resources

Note: if you don't want your cashiers to have access to anything except POS resources, limit their right to these sections accordingly. However, if you want them to be able to manage online orders as well, grant them access to the Magento order section.

2. Create a new user.

  • Navigate to System > Permissions > All users and press the Add New User button.
  • Fill out user account information by specifying the User Name, First and Last Names, Email, Password, and Interface Locale. Activate an account, set an expiration date for it, and enter Your Password.

New User Magento 2

  • Assign a user role you've just created for this user in the User Role section.

User Role Magento

  • Specify what Store Locations to assign this user to.

Store Location Per Cashier Magento

3. Monitor the POS cashier.

Once you save the user, use the login and password you've created to log in to POS at a given location, start a session and operate POS.

Login to Magento POS

As a store manager, you can view each cashier's performance while managing staff sessions.  

POS Staff Sessions

Additionally, you can track the terminal performance via POS Z-reports with all the store location and session details at a particular point in time.

Z-report Magento POS