How to Rename or Remove Default Product Tabs in Magento 2?

Organizing information on product pages into tabs is great not only for SEO and speed optimization. When you add custom product tabs in Magento you improve customer experience. 

As you might know Magento provides you with some default product tabs. They include product reviews, descriptions and attributes. While those tabs might come in handy, a lot of merchants would rather rename, or remove them.

So, in this guide, you'll find how to reorganize, rename or remove default Magento product tabs from the admin panel. No code editing is required. You'll just need the Magento 2 Product Tabs extension

To rename or remove default product tabs in Magento: 

1. Navigate to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Product Tabs and find the Default Tabs section.

2. Unfold a tab you'd like to rename, reorganize or remove and go through the settings:

  • Enable or disable the default tab. 
  • Set a Title you want to be displayed on the frontend to rename the default product tab. 
  • Specify the Position to define where to display the default Magento product tab among other tabs. 

Rename and remove default Magento product tabs

That's it. The same settings work for all default Magento product tabs. Once you Save the settings go to the frontend to check this out. 

e.g. we've disabled all default Magento product tabs except for reviews and renamed it.

Edit default Magento product tabs

Except for default product tabs, here you can also rename or disable the Related Blog Posts tab that comes with our Magento 2 Blog