How to Configure Blog Homepage in Shopify?

The blog homepage is the main page of your blog where people land once they click on the blog link in the navigation menu. It is also one of the most important blog navigation pages with all the relevant content. 

While post list settings define how the page is displayed, our Shopify Blog App still allows you to configure the blog index page, title and metadata in particular. 

To configure the blog homepage in Shopify: 

1. Go to Apps > Magefan Blog > Configuration and find the Blog Index Page section at the top.

2. Give your blog a Title and Description that will be displayed on the frontend. 

3. Choose a Template for your blog index page.

4. Specify how Sort posts By on the blog homepage.

5. Fill out the Meta Title, Keywords and Description

shopify blog homepage

Press Save once you finish and check your blog homepage on the frontend. 

shopify blog homepage description

One more blog element visible on the blog homepage is the sidebar. It helps your blog readers to navigate through your blog and find relevant content using search, categories or post widgets.

You can configure blog sidebar to define the position of those sidebar elements and choose which ones to display.