Add Blog to Shopify Navigation Menu

Once you install Shopify Blog App on your store and create your first blog posts, you'll start getting organic traffic from search. However, if you want people who initially come to your store to discover your blog, you need to ensure the blog link is visible in the menu. 

So, in this guide, you'll learn how to add a blog link to the navigation menu in Shopify. 

To add a blog link to the Shopify navigation menu: 

1. Click on Sales channels once you're in the backend and choose Online Store from the dropdown. 

Shopify sales channels

2. Move to the Navigation section. 

Shopify navigation configuration

3. Go to the Menus section and click on the Main menu option.

Shopify main menu settings

4. In the Main Menu > Menu items press Add menu item button.

Add new menu item in Shopify

5. Give the new item a Name and a Link.

Note: the /a/blog is the blog path by default. If you change the /a/ app proxy and /blog/ paths in the blog permalink settings you need to change them in the menu item as well.

Add blog to menu in Shopify

6. Don't forget to press the Save menu button after you add the blog link to the menu.

Edit Shopify store menu

Once you save the new menu item, go to the frontend to check the changes. The blog link should appear alongside other menu items. Note that you might need to reload a page a few times to see the blog link displayed due to caching.

Blog link Shopify navigation menu

Once people click on your blog link, they'll land on the blog homepage. However to configure how it looks, check post list settings.