How to Configure Post List in Shopify Blog?

Blog homepage, categories, tags, archive and search pages are post lists featuring certain posts. Correspondingly, the display of these posts is defined by the post list settings. Our Shopify Blog App enables you to choose between different templates and layouts for post list pages and arrange a certain number of posts there. 

Eager to learn how to do that?

To configure blog posts lists in Shopify:

1. Navigate to Apps > Magefan Blog > Configuration and find the Post List section. 

2. Choose the Template for the posts list. 

3. Define how to Sort Posts By: Position or Publish Date.

4. Specify the number of Posts per Page. If this number is exceeded, pagination will appear. 

5. Set the Default Short Content Length

Note: regardless of whether you specify the Short Content when creating a blog post or not, short content will be limited by the number of characters you set in this field. 

6. Set the Short Content End Characters that are displayed in case short content exceeds the specified number of characters.

Shopify blog post list

7. Save the settings once you finish, and check the post list on the frontend. 

Blog List Template Shopify

Note: if you use the Pro plan you can choose from 18 blog list templates.

These settings work for all post lists in your Shopify Blog — categories, tags, archives, search pages, etc. However, that's not it. You also need to configure Shopify blog sidebar widgets that are displayed on any blog page.