How to Add Related Blog Posts in Shopify?

Related blog posts are one of the best ways to encourage visitors to stay on your website longer. Besides, it is a way to offer them to read something they are already interested in, which makes them stay on your blog longer. 

Shopify Blog App offers you to add Shopify related blog posts with no additional app required. And today you'll learn how to do that. 

Note: this feature is available in the Standard and Pro plans.

Before you add any related posts, you have to make sure they will be displayed. For that, you have to check the post view settings, enable related posts and specify how many of them to display. 

Shopify Blog related posts

You can add related posts in Shopify when creating blog posts. Just go to Apps > Magefan Blog > Posts and choose a post to which you'd like to add related posts.

Then, scroll down to the Related Posts section, start typing the name of the article you'd like to add and choose one from the dropdown.

shopify blog related posts

Save the blog post you've added related products to and check it on the frontend. Preview a post if it is not published yet.

Related Posts in Shopify Blog

Related blog posts will be displayed according to the settings you've set up to encourage your blog visitors to read more. However, if you also want to improve conversions, add related products.