How to Add Related Products in Shopify Blog?

Engaging and informative content helps you to drive more organic traffic and increase your visibility in search. However, for those people to convert and become potential customers you have to make sure your blog is shoppable. 

One way to do that is to add links to your products within the post content or write product reviews. The other is related products. 

So, in this article, you'll learn how to add related products to Shopify blog posts. Spoiler alert — you just need Shopify Blog App, no additional apps for related products are required. 

Note: related products are bidirectional in the Magefan Shopify Blog which means that once you add a related product to a post, that post appears on a product page automatically.

You can add related products to posts while creating blog posts. However, their display is defined by the post view settings. That being said, before adding related products to posts, you should enable this feature and specify how many products to display.

Shopify Blog related products

Note: this feature is available in the Standard and Pro plans.

To add related products to blog posts, go to Apps > Magefan Blog > Posts and find a post you'd like to add related products to. Scroll down to the Related Products section and start typing the names of the products. Then choose the relevant ones from the dropdown. 

shopify blog related products

Don't forget to save a post and check how related products are displayed on the frontend.

Related Products Shopify Blog

There is a preview option, so you can check related products you add before the post is even published. 

Related blog products will help you to boost customer engagement and conversions. But if you want to keep customers browsing through your blog longer, consider adding related posts.