How to Enable Disqus Comments for Shopify Blog?

Nothing makes a blog more dynamic, than lively discussions in the comments. That's how you exchange ideas and stay in touch with your readers. However, you have to create favourable conditions for such communication.

As you know, you can set up the Magefan and Facebook comments in the Shopify Blog App. But here you also have another option — the Disqus integration. In this guide, you'll learn how to enable it.

To enable Disqus comments for Shopify Blog:

1. Go to Apps > Magefan Blog > Configuration > Post Page (Post View) and find the Comments section.

2. Select the Use Disqus Comments in the Type dropdown.

3. Enter Your Disqus Forum Shortname in the next field. You might need to find your Disqus shortname first.

4. Define the comments section Position for blog post pages. Here you can go for the Default or After Social Share option.

disqus comments shopify blog settings

Don't forget to save your settings. Here is an example of the Disqus comments on the frontend:

disqus comments in shopify blog

The configuration steps just couldn't be easier. Once you enable Disqus comments, you create an open space to discuss your blog posts.

However, if you want to approve or delete blog comments from the admin side, you have to go for the Magefan comments instead.