How to Enable Facebook Comments for Shopify Blog?

A blog is an effective instrument for sharing information and tips. But it can work both ways if you let your readers share their experiences. It's exactly what blog comments are for.

Shopify Blog App offers three types of comments: Magefan, Facebook, and Disqus. Today we'll work with the second option and learn how to enable Facebook comments in the Shopify blog.

To enable Facebook comments for Shopify blog:

1. Navigate to Apps > Magefan Blog > Configuration > Post Page (Post View) and unfold the Comments section.

2. Choose Facebook Comments as a comments Type.

3. Set the Number of Comments to be displayed under your blog posts.

4. Fill out the Facebook Application ID.

5. Specify the Position of the comments which may be either Default or After Social Share.

facebook comments blog settings

Once all the fields are set, don't forget to save your configuration. Here is how Facebook comments will be displayed on the storefront:

facebook comments in shopify blog

And that's about it! Once you complete simple steps, you'll get a chance to stay closer to your devoted readers.

However, you might also need to reply to Shopify blog comments from the admin panel. That's what the Magefan blog comments assist you with.