How to Manage Shopify Blog Short Content?

Blog post short content is the first few sentences or a quick summary of the post displayed on the post list. In other words, it is a text you can see on the blog homepage, category and any other post list pages.

In Magefan Shopify Blog App you can easily configure the length of the short content, and the blog templates with the short content. Today, you'll learn more about it.

How to Manage the Length of the Short Content?

While short content should give your reader a glimpse at the post content, it shouldn't be too long. That's why it's important to keep it relatively short. 

To configure short content in Shopify blog:

1. Navigate to Apps > Magefan Blog > Configuration and find the Post List section.

2. Specify the Default Short Content Length (in characters) and set the Short Content End Characters. It will be displayed in case you exceed the length of the short content. 

shopify blog short content

Once you Save the settings, your posts' short content will be aligned with them on the frontend. 

magefan blog homepage

How to Set Short Content in Shopify Blog Post?

By default, the app takes the beginning of the blog post as the short content. It cuts off the beginning at the short content character threshold. However, you can still add your custom text for the short content.

Via Short Content

To set short content in Shopify blog posts:

1. Go to Apps > Magefan Blog > Posts and find a blog post you'd like to set the short content for. 

2. Move to the Short Content section and set your post description. 

blog post short content shopify

Don't forget to Save the post before checking it on the frontend. 

shopify post lists

Via Page Breaker

In this case, you can set short content using the page breaker icon in the WYSIWYG editor. Simply click on a place where your short content should end and click on the page breaker icon.

shopify blog content

Save as before, don't forget to Save your post after you finish. 

Note: the short content characters limit also applies if you add featured or recent blog posts to the homepage (given, again, that you use the template with short content). 

Once you finish setting up short content for your blog posts, the app will look in the following order to determine what short content to display: short content on a blog post > page breaker > short content character limit in the config section