How to Add Recent Blog Posts to Homepage in Shopify?

Your Shopify homepage should highlight all the best things in your store — products, services, testimonials — to make an impression. And if you also manage a blog in Shopify, why not get your customers hooked on some of your content?

Default Shopify Blog doesn't allow you to do that. But Magefan Shopify Blog does. So, in this guide, you'll learn how to add recent blog posts to the Shopify homepage.

Note: the option to choose different templates for the recent posts block is available in the Pro plan.

To add recent blog posts to homepage in Shopify:

1. Navigate to Sales channels > Online Store

Shopify online store settings

2. Go to Themes and click on the Customize button.

Customize Shopify Theme

3. Find the Apps section, click on the Add block button to add the Magefan Recent Posts block.

magefan recent blog posts

4. Set the Title of the blog posts block and choose the Template Type.

Note: The number of posts in the block is defined by the recent blog posts configuration in the sidebar.

add posts to homepage shopify

Don't forget to press Save after you add recent blog posts to the Shopify homepage and go check the block on the frontend. 

add recent blog posts to shopify homepage

Now your website visitors will see your blog and could jump to the latest content right from the homepage. Additionally, you can add the blog link to the Shopify navigation menu to improve navigation. But that's not it.

If you want to share several blocks with posts, you can also add featured posts to the homepage using the homepage sections.