How to Add Blog Posts to Product Page in Shopify?

Blog is a perfect place to promote your products and encourage customers to buy more. However, this could work both ways. Why not add related posts to product pages in Shopify the same way you add related products to posts?

Think about it. If customers have some doubts about a product, you can unveil their doubts with a comprehensive product review or simply keep them engaged with some other content. 

If that's what you're looking for, keep reading and learn how to add related posts to Shopify products using only Magefan Shopify Blog.

Note: this feature is available in the Standard and Pro plans.

To add blog posts to products in Shopify:

1. Navigate to Sales channels > Online Store

Shopify online store settings

2. Go to Themes and click on the Customize button.

Customize Shopify Theme

3. Switch to Products > Default Product to edit the template of the product page and add related posts to products.

edit default product layout shopify

4. Find the Apps section and click on the Add block button to add the Magefan Related Posts block. 

add posts to shopify product page

Note: related products are bidirectional in the Magefan Shopify Blog App which means every time you add a related product to a post, this post appears on a product page. 

add related blog posts to product page shopify

Don't forget to Save the product template and go check related posts on the Shopify product page.

related blog posts on shopify products

The block we've just inserted into the default Shopify product will work for all product pages. The number of posts on the product is defined by the number of posts you've added a product to. However, if you want to show some specific posts, you can add featured or recent blog posts on a product page instead.