32nd Anniversary of Ukraine's Renewed Independence

Today, on August 24, we mark the 32nd anniversary of Ukrainian renewed independence.

However, again for the past 547 days, we should fight for our freedom and independence.

And today we want to express our gratitude to the Ukrainian Armed Forces who fight for Ukraine and the values of the free world. We are also grateful to all of you who support us with your actions, kind words and donations.

Today there won’t be any loud celebrations in our country. However, there might be loud air raid sirens in Ukrainian cities and villages heard by our children as the war is still not over.

Some of us will spend this day with their loved ones, and some will be on the battlefield missing their loved ones.

And every Ukrainian will be united with one strong feeling — deep gratitude.


With gratitude. Із вдячністю,
The Magefan team

(Ihor, Bohdan, Serhii, Mary, Ihor, Viktoria, Bohdan, Viktor, Denys, Yurii, Andrii, Olena)