How to Add Featured Blog Posts to Shopify Homepage?

Although you add a blog link to the Shopify navigation menu, it might not be enough to drive people's attention to your blog, especially when they land on the homepage. Thus, you can also add some featured blog posts to the Shopify homepage with the Magefan Shopify Blog App. 

The best thing about it is you can control what posts are displayed to visitors on your homepage. And you don't need to edit the source code or create custom templates.

Should we start?

Note: the option to choose different templates for the featured posts block is available in the Pro plan.

To add featured blog posts to the Shopify homepage: 

1. Navigate to Sales channels > Online Store

Shopify online store settings

2. Find Themes and click on the Customize button.

Customize Shopify Theme

3. Scroll to the Apps section, click on the Add block button and add the Magefan Featured Posts block.

add featured blog posts in shopify

4. Set the Title you want to be displayed on the homepage. Then set the Post Ids and choose Template Type

add featured blog posts on shopify homepage

Note: if you want to use the same posts as featured posts in the sidebar, leave this field blank. 

5. Save the changes and check featured blog posts on the Shopify homepage. 

add featured posts to shopify homepage

Featured blog posts are the best way to share important content with your audience. However, you don't have to stop there.

You can also add recent posts to the homepage by inserting a new section. This diversifies your Shopify homepage and allows you to share more content.