31 years of Ukrainian Renewed Independence

Message from the Magefan CEO, Ihor Vansach:

Today we celebrate the 31st Anniversary of Ukrainian Renewed Independence. For the last 400 years Ukrainians were fighting for their independence, and this fight, unfortunately, continues.

When we celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Ukrainian Renewed Independence last year we couldn’t even imagine what terrible things will happen to our beautiful country in 6 months. Since russia started its war and brought tragedy to our land on February 24, 2022, our working processes have stopped only for a few days. Each of us has found inner strength and could put ourselves together (although it was dramatically hard emotionally) to keep working.

The war that russia began against our country changed our mindsets and life values. We value our loved ones more than ever before, we value our neighbourhoods, more than ever before, we value the opportunity to work in our undamaged office more than ever before, and we most important love Ukraine more than ever before.

In the first few weeks, we started to receive hundreds of emails from our dear customers with words of support and encouragement. We were astonished by the number of emails we received, and this is what gave us power and assured us that we should stand and we will win.

The Magefan team is still here and safe, and continues delivering new projects and ideas. We are extremely happy to do so.


Today we give away any Magento 2 Extension priced up to $199 for FREE.

All you need to do is to answer 9 questions about Ukraine and wait for our reply. Anyway, even if some of your answers are correct, you will get a Magefan store cash voucher defined by the number of those correct answers.



Additionally, we’d like to ask you to support Ukraine in fighting for freedom and democracy. #StandWithUkraine! What can you do?

Support United24 Governmental Donation Platform.

Support Come Back Alive Fund.

Thank you. Дякуємо

Interested in more information about Ukraine?

Visit the official website about Ukraine, to learn about our culture and places you can visit after the war.

Want to know more about Ukrainian history?

Watch this short video briefly explaining Ukrainian history (created by Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance).