How to Create Blog Categories in Shopify?

Categorizing blog posts helps to make navigation through your blog easier, especially if you cover different topics. Shopify Blog App makes it even more convenient since you can not only create categories but add them to the sidebar category tree for better navigation.  

In this article, we'll discuss it in more detail. However, if you prefer to follow video instructions, jump to the bottom of the article.

To create blog categories in Shopify: 

1. Go to App > Magefan Blog > Categories and press the Add New Category button.

shopify blog categories

2. Give your category a Title and write a description in the Content section. 

3. Change the Category status to enable

4. Specify the Publish Date and End Date. The latter will make a blog category disabled when a certain date comes. 

5. Specify whether to Include a category in Menu

6. Set the Parent category for your category. If a category you're creating is to be a parent category, just leave this field empty. 

7. Choose whether to Exclude a category from XML Sitemap.

8. Set Position. It defines the place of a blog category in the sidebar. The lower the number the higher a category will be displayed in the category tree.

How to add blog categories in Shopify

9. Enter a category URL Key and Metadata.

10. Add Posts in Category. Start typing the title of a post you'd like to add and select the one appearing in the dropdown.

shopify blog category metadata

Press the Save button once you finish and go to the storefront to check your blog category out. It will be displayed according to the settings you've set up. 

Shopify blog categories

If you want to see all of this in action, check out this short video:

However, you also need to check out the blog sidebar settings to enable the category tree widget and display the number of posts near a category in the sidebar.