How to Add Custom CSS in Shopify Blog?

Although our Shopify Blog App will inherit your website design, you might want to change something specifically for your blog. It could fonts, links colour, font size, etc. 

In these cases, you usually need to call out for developers and dive deep into the code. But not if you use our blogging solution. Today, you'll learn how to add custom CSS to Shopify Blog from the admin panel with no effort.

We'll change the colour of the blog post title as an example, but you can change anything you like by adding multiple styles.

Shopify blog post title

To add custom CSS to Shopify Blog:

1. Navigate to Apps > Magefan Blog > Configuration > Design and find the Custom CSS section.

2. Enable the custom CSS option and insert your Custom CSS there. 

Shopify blog custom CSS

Then Save the settings and go to the frontend to check how your blog changed according to the CSS styles you've set. 

Change post title style Shopify Blog

In our case, the colour of the blog post title changed to blue. However, you can change as many details as you want so your blog fits your brand style. Additionally, you can change the blog layout and set up multiple blog templates.