Magento 2 Blog is one of the best free blog extensions with a lot of features other blog modules are missing. However, that is not all you can get. Magefan offers 2 more blog editions that allow you to broaden the range of features your blog could have.

Blog Plus and Blog Extra open a lot more useful options which you will learn about in this article. It is important to note that upgrading from Base Blog to Blog Plus or Blog Extra is simple since they are the additional modules that expand the Blog extension, therefore, you will not have any issues with the upgrading.

Usually, when people search for something on your Magento 2 store, they find product results. In Magento 2 Blog Extra edition you can integrate your blog search with the Magento 2 catalog search. In this case, customers will be able to find relevant results to their search queries both on blog and catalog. 

Intergate Magento 2 Blog Search to Catalog Search

Additional Publication Restrictions for Admin Users

If in Base Blog you are able to deprive admin users of the ability to publish new posts, in Blog Plus and Blog Extra you can restrict their right to even edit already published posts.

Magento 2 user roles

Blog Index Page Built with Widgets (Blog Extra only)

Blog Extra edition allows you to create blog index page with Recent and Featured Posts Widgets with different templates.

Blog Index Page

22 Blog Pages Templates (Blog Extra only)

You can make your blog pages more attractive with Blog Extra. With this blog edition, you receive 22 templates for blog index, category and different list pages.

Magento 2 Blog Templates

Default Blog Pages Layout Settings

Set the corresponding layouts for all Magento 2 blog pages.

Magento 2 blog pages design

Base Blog also has permalink settings, but Blog Plus and Extra have considerably more convenient and flexible configuration options (e.g. you can completely get rid of blog from your website blog URLs and choose the pagination type for your blog list pages).

Advanced permalink settings Magento Blog

XML Sitemap Priority & Changefreq Settings

These two blog editions allow you to set the XML sitemap priority and frequency so that Google will know how often and which page to scan.

Magento 2 XML sitemap

Postponed Publication (by Date &Time)

Want to post regularly but do not always have time to keep up with the schedule? Blog Plus and Blog Extra enable you to predetermine the exact time of blog post-publication. Before that time, blog post won't be visible on the storefront.

Magento 2 blog post publish date

Date Option

In Blog Plus and Blog Extra editions you are able to configure the date of blog post-publication: choose the date format you want the date of the blog post to be displayed in as well as show or hide it from the blog post page.

Magento 2 blog post date option

Blog Post Content Widget (Blog Extra only)

Let your blog readers navigate through your blog posts easier with the Blog Contents Widget provided in the Blog Extra.

Blog Post Contents

Additional Featured Image & ALT tag for post list

Unlike regular featured image, featured list image option available in Blog Plus and Blog Extra editions allows you to set the post image that is displayed in the list of posts. If this option is not set, the featured image is used by default.

Magento 2 Featured list image

Auto-Publish Posts To Facebook

Be able to automatically share your blog posts on Facebook, since sharing on social media is one of the key points to the successful promotion of your business.

Magento 2 blog post autopublication on Facebook

Restrictions By Customer Groups

Is there any content you want to restrict some customers' access to? Restrict each post visibility as well as the whole blog category to a certain customer group.

Magento 2 customer group restrictions

Magento 2 category display settings

Blog Post Newsletter Subscription (Blog Extra only)

Blog extra edition allows you to enable the email notification about a new comment which will be sent to the customers in case someone left a comment to the post they commented on or replied to.

Magento 2 email notification

Disable Comments On An Individual Blog Post

With Blog Plus and Blog Extra you are able to display individual blog post comments enabling or disabling them.

Magento 2 blog comments

Don’t spend time on arranging related products or posts. With Blog Plus and Extra, you are able to set the process of related posts and product generation to be automatic.

Magento 2 post view related posts

Magento 2 related products

In Magento 2 Blog Extra you can display the latest posts from the same category on the blog post page.

Magento 2 Posts From the Same Category on Blog  Post Page

In addition to auto-related products, you can set the Product Rules for each separate post which related products will be generated by.

Magento 2 related products rule

Using Blog Base you set the related products for the blog post and vice versa. However, sometimes you want to disable this option partially.

e.g. you want the related product to be displayed on the blog post page, but a related blog posts to not be shown for the product and vice versa.

Blog Plus and Blog Extra enable you to do this with the help of two options: Display Post On Product Page or Display Product on Post Page.

Magento 2 related posts

Blog Posts in Category and Post Position in Category

Blog Extra edition enables you to assign and remove posts from the blog category on the Blog Category Page and set the posts in category position via drag and drop.

Magento 2 blog posts in category

Manage Blog Authors Independently Admin Users

The post author in Blog Base is also the admin user, therefore admin's first and last names are used in Blog Base. Blog Extra enables you to manage blog post authors, independently from the admins. Since this edition allows you to manage blog authors, you can create a new author filling in all the necessary information which includes bio descriptions and author's photo.

The option of author configurations isn't limited. You are also able to set the author social media links which will be displayed in the author's block on the storefront. Besides, you can set the URL key and meta information for the author's page as well as the design author's page will be applied with.

Magento 2 authors

Magento 2 author information

Magento 2 author social media URLs.

Magento 2 author page seo

Magento 2 author page custom design settings


Product and YouTube Widget (Blog Extra only)

Blog Extra edition is equipped with widgets which allow you to insert whether a product or YouTube video into the blog post in order to create stunning content.

Magento 2 blog post widgets

Magefan blog demo product widget

Magefan blog demo youtube widget

Multiple Import Options (Blog Extra only)

In case you were using some other extension or platform for blog management, you can import it from these other sources easily with the Import Wizard from Blog Extra.

Magento 2 Blog Import

Priority Support

All Blog Plus and Blog Extra users' requests are serviced first and foremost. We do our best in order to solve all of the appeared issues within 24 hours.

Professional Installation (Blog Extra only)

Purchasing Blog Extra you receive free high-quality installation service. In case you were using Blog Base or Blog Plus and want to move to Blog Extra we make sure all of the previous configurations are successfully integrated into your new Blog edition.

Upgrade to Blog Plus or Blog Extra NOW!